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New Film Explores the Scientific Evidence Behind Moses Splitting the Red Sea

Photo Courtesy: Timothy P Mahoney
Photo Courtesy: Timothy P Mahoney

JERUSALEM, Israel -  Moses splitting the Red Sea is one of the most extravagant miracles recorded in the Bible.

A new film exploring the scientific evidence behind this dramatic event is about to hit theaters for a limited time.

In Red Sea Miracle, filmmaker Tim Mahoney investigates the biblical, historical, and scientific explanations for the miracle and what it says about God.

The film screening is a Fathom Event that can be viewed in select theaters on Feb. 18 and May 5.

Click here to find it in a theater near you.

CBN is also hosting a Fathom Event for our new film detailing the life of Saint Patrick.

I AM PATRICK peels back centuries of myth and legend through expert interviews and re-enactments to learn about an ordinary man who helped bring the gospel to Europe.

You can watch I AM PATRICK in select theaters near you on March 17 and March 18. Click here for more details. 

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