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Poland Wants to Create 'Fort Trump' as President Promises 1,000 Troops for US Ally


President Trump is planning to send at least 1,000 US troops from Germany to Poland to increase protections for the US ally.

He announced the plan after meeting with the president of Poland in the Oval Office Wednesday.

Afterwards, the two leaders watched a fly-by of F-35 fighter jets looping near the Washington Monument. Poland wants to buy 32 of those fighters from the US.

Trump said he wants to reward Poland for its contribution to NATO, and send a signal to Germany for not keeping up its commitments.

The Polish government will pay for any infrastructure needed to support the additional troops. Polish leaders have been hoping for a permanent US base which they've proposed naming "Fort Trump."

As Russian aggression continues to rattle the region, the US will also be sending a squadron of Reaper drones to aid in Poland's self-defense.

The US, Britain and allies have been beefing up the NATO military presence across Eastern Europe in recent years, including four multinational battalion-size battlegroups for Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

That comes on the heels of Russia's takeover of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014, and its effort to conquer eastern Ukraine. Eastern European nations are seeking more protection, worrying that they might be Russia's next target.

Conservative commentator Katie Pavlich tweeted, "Obama abandoned Poland and Europe by nixing missile defense. Trump is sending troops there. Who is soft on Russia again?"


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