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Secret Surveillance Photos Show Iranian Militia Prepping Missiles on Boats in Persian Gulf

File image of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard speedboat (AP Photo)

The White House says surveillance photos show Iranian-backed militia loading missiles onto small ships in the Persian Gulf.  

The New York Times reports senior US administration officials are revealing the information to counter claims from those who argue there is no significant threat from Iran.

The surveillance images, which have not been released to the public, show missiles being loaded onto ships believed to be run by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), raising concerns they could be launched at US naval ships in the Persian Gulf.

It all comes after the US recently declared the IRGC to be a terrorist entity.

Top US officials like Trump's National Security Adviser John R. Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo contend that those missile photos could reveal Iran is ramping up for a possible attack. US officials in neighboring Iraq have been ordered to evacuate.

European officials and some members of Congress claim the administration is overreacting.

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Meanwhile, the Times and Washington Post claim there's disagreement in the White House, alleging that President Trump wants a diplomatic approach with Iranian leaders while supposedly frustrated senior advisers are pushing military solutions.

The president blasted reports of conflict in the administration, tweeting: "There is no infighting...different opinions are expressed and I make a decisive and final decision...all sides, views, and policies are covered. I'm sure that Iran will want to talk soon."


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