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'If Donald Trump Walked on Water, They Would Say He Couldn't Swim': Dem Pollster Blasts Media's NKorea Coverage


How is the media's negative Trump narrative hurting Democrats? Watch Gary Lane's interview with Pat Caddell for more.

Now that President Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un is over, how likely is the president to enjoy a surge in popularity?

American public opinion pollster and consultant Pat Caddell tells CBN News that Trump's success on the world stage should give him a bump in the polls. And that could be significant for Republicans as they face Democrats in the midterm elections in November.

And Caddell blasted major media outlets like CNN and MSNBC for their continuous negative coverage of President Trump. 

Appearing on The Global Lane, Caddell said, "If Donald Trump walked on water, their criticism would be he couldn't swim."

He said like any president, Trump should receive criticism but also credit when credit is due.

"We are dealing with a rogue, nuclear power. Donald Trump is doing his best to deal with this and I think it should be encouraged," Caddell explained. "He deserves at least a fair shake. Every president deserves it. They deserve criticism, but they should be acknowledged when they do something good."

Caddell said all the anti-Trump coverage in the media actually hurts the Democrats.

"Sometimes I worry his political foes both in the media and politically are rooting against America which I think is a mistake," he continued.

And that could be a mistake for the Democratic Party if it hopes to gain seats in the US Congress during the midterm election this fall. 

Caddell said President Trump's ratings will be key to the outcome of the election and his meeting in Singapore with Kim Jong Un may not hurt him despite how some members of the media spin it.

"I think the American people would like to see this resolved, it would be in the interest of peace, it would be to everyone's benefit."  

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