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As Critics Say Trump Didn't Win a Mexico Deal, Here Are the Facts

Mexico Border AS
Mexico Border AS

WASHINGTON - President Trump said it took two days to get what he wanted from Mexico thanks to the tariff threat.

The plan to levy tariffs came to a halt after Mexico and the US reached an agreement to curb illegal immigration.

Still, critics question if the deal is actually new.

"The New York Times wrote a story like I already made the deal, it's nonsense, we talked about it for months and months and they wouldn't get there and we just said, hey look if you don't get there we're just going to have to charge you hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes," Trump said.


Here's what Mexico has now agreed to do.

Six-thousand Mexican troops are headed south to the Guatemalan border to slow migrants bound for the US.

Mexico will also require that asylum seekers remain in the country while their claims are prosecuted in the US.

Trump hints a secret portion of the agreement has yet to be announced.

CBN's Ben Kennedy asked Trump's former economic advisor if he thought the same strategy President Trump used with Mexico will work with China?

"I hope so, I think all Americans hope that this strategy of holding these countries' feet to the fire and using American leverage, we clearly had leverage over Mexico and that's how Trump scored a big victory," Stephen Moore said.

Trump now expects a similar victory in China.

The White House has imposed 25 percent tariffs on a quarter trillion of Chinese imports and plans to tax more.

Trump is convinced it will result in a deal.
"You know what happens with tariffs? Companies move out of Mexico and they move out of China and they'll come into the United States," Trump said.

The president hopes to lock down a deal with China's President Xi at the G20 Summit in Japan later this month.
"I would be surprised if he didn't go, I think he is going. I haven't heard that he is not," Trump said.
"You never know with that government in Beijing what exactly their next move will be," Moore said.

Meanwhile, the agreement with Mexico is not a done deal.

It still needs to be approved by Mexico's legislative body, but now those lawmakers know that if they don't give the green light, then Trump's tariffs are back on the table.


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