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McClurkin Talks to CBN News on MLK Concert 'Disinvite'


CBN News recently reported on gospel singer Donnie McClurkin being uninvited from a Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration concert by the mayor of D.C.

McClurkin has come under fire from gay rights groups for his stance on homosexuality. He has often testified that God delivered him from being gay.

The gospel singer and pastor had been scheduled to headline the MLK concert before a handful of gay protestors expressed concerned that his presence was an affront to the LGBT community, claiming he encouraged disunity instead of unity.

McClurkin spoke exclusively with CBN News recently about this at his New York Call event to give his heartfelt response.

Does the gospel singer see himself as the spokesperson for the ex-gay community? Did he call homosexual children vampires as he has been accused of doing? And how does he feel about the LGBT community?

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