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Fighting Human Trafficking with 'One Dress'


Four years ago a woman in northwest Ohio put on a dress - and she didn't take it off for six months.

Her name is Amy Seiffert and she wanted to draw attention about an issue that impacts 30 million people worldwide - human trafficking. 

Seiffert raised both money and awareness. Her time in the dress also had a ripple effect: today women across the country are putting on dresses to fight trafficking.

"[The One Dress Project] taught me a lot about not being afraid to be different," said Jessica Turner, a woman participating in the One Dress Project. 

Turner says in the beginning she was nervous about people asking her why she was wearing the same dress every day, but her conviction to help the women who were victims of trafficking outweighed the fear of being different.

CBN News' Mark Martin spoke with Seiffert about her journey in the dress and tips she has for others looking for ways to raise awareness. Click here to watch the entire interview.

To learn more the charity Amy partnered with click here. To learn more the charity Amy partnered with click here.

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