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Foul? Media Scorns Athlete's 2-Year-Old Daughter


Point guard Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to their first spot in the NBA Finals in 40 years.

Curry has been called one of the best pure shooters in basketball.

"He is an unbelievable competitor. He wants to win. But more important than anything is his relationship with Jesus Christ," the team's longtime chaplain, Earl Smith, told CBN News.

"He is what you see. He lives it fully and he enjoys life because he has peace with his life," Smith added. "He has a relationship that far exceeds a three-point shot, far exceeds the accolades that are in the arena. He is a family man. He loves his wife. He loves his daughter."

Curry's 2-year-old daughter scored the most attention at the post-game news conferences. That's had some turning up the heat on the young stand-out, who champions his Christian faith, his family, and fatherhood.

Reporters have criticized the Warriors MVP for the daddy-daughter time in front of the camera.

One reporter tweeted, "Curry's kid is cute. That doesn't mean she should have been at the presser."

"The celebration that we had after game five with my family and be as normal as possible and obviously she has got a personality that is pretty electric and loves that scene, but there is no motive," Curry told reporters, following game five of the western finals. "It's just me and her hanging out."

The criticism also didn't sit well the team's chaplain.

"That really bothered me and the reason it bothered me is because of the question that keeps coming up, where are the fathers? Where are the dads?" Smith told CBN News. "And here was a guy that truly had a daughter that was loving on her dad, loving to be with her dad."

At a time when athletes routinely make headlines for abuse, Smith calls these moments a "missed opportunity."

"Maybe the interview should have changed. Maybe it should have taken a different direction and talked about at a time when there is questions about athletes and a questions about fathers and their relationships with their children," Smith suggested.

"I am going to enjoy those times with my daughter, no matter how much pub she gets, regardless of what cameras are pointed my way because that is a special time," Curry said.

Curry's post-game press time could get a little more crowded soon. He and his wife are expecting their second child in July.

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