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ISIS Still a Threat: Paris May Be a 'Preview' of US, Warns FBI Chief

ISIS Marching3

FBI Director James Comey says ISIS is trying to solicit terrorists to join its ranks overseas and find others to carry out attacks in America.

Speaking with reporters at the FBI's Minneapolis office, he answered questions on several relevant topics, but his main focus was the Islamic State.

Comey says ISIS could pose yet another threat as terrorists from Syria and Iraq make their way to Western Europe, from where they would have relatively easy access to the United States.

The deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels could be a preview of what potentially could take place in the U.S., he said, with "hardened fighters" trained and ready to murder arriving on America's shores.

"There's three prongs to this ISIL threat," he told the press. "The recruitment to travel, the recruitment to violence in place, and then what you saw a preview of in Brussels and in Paris – hardened fighters coming out, looking to kill people."

U.S. officials, Comey said, are "laser-focused" on that possibility.

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