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Miracle: Building Collapses Near School Bus Moments after Kids Dropped Off


It's a miracle that children were not on a school bus damaged by part of a building that collapsed.

Bus driver Spencer Reynolds said he had just dropped off a group of elementary school students at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia Thursday morning when the collapse happened a short distance away.

Police Capt. Brian Korn said if the students had been on the bus when the section of the building fell, "there could have been injuries because the rear of the bus took the brunt of the hit," according to The Intelligencer.

The concrete slab eventually came to rest against the bus. The bus driver was not hurt.

Reynolds said he heard rumbling while being stuck in traffic. He said he saw the bus windows being shattered and glass and debris thrown into the bus seats.

Capt. Korn said a tree and light pole hit by the falling slab of concrete did most of the damage to the bus. Most of the building slab landed on an area of a street blocked off by barriers.

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