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Global Outreach Day Seeks To Win People With The 'Good News'


Sharing the Gospel can be a daunting task even for the most devoted Christian, but it doesn't have to be, according to a leader of one of the nation's most effective evangelistic organizations.

"Many people who don't know Jesus aren't antagonistic, they're just unaware." Matt Mikalatos, Cru's Portland, Oregon city director, told The Christian Post.

Cru and other evangelistic groups are sponsoring Global Outreach Day on May 21 in the U.S. An international event will be held May 28.

The goal is to make people aware of God's unconditional love by building relationships through authentic conversations.

Organizers say the ultimate purpose is to mobilize Christians to fulfill the Great Commission in over 200 countries. An estimated 15 million Christians will share Jesus' story along with their personal testimonies during the event.

Cru, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ, aims to challenge individual believers' fear and feelings of inadequacy by encouraging them to fulfill God's universal call on every Christian to "make disciples of all nations." 

The ministry shares four practical tips on its website for sharing the Gospel on Global Outreach Day or any other time: 
1.Start with prayer
2. Begin a conversation
3. Share your story
4. Share the Gospel

"The 'Gospel' just means 'good news' and everyone wants good news," says Mikalatos. Christians are taught they make great missionary progress when they become vessels of God's love and carriers of His "good news." 

Every Christian is called by Jesus to share the gospel in the Great Commission and God is actively working in non-believers lives to reveal himself to them and anyone could play a part in their revelation.

Cru hopes Global Outreach Day makes non-Christians worldwide aware of God's unconditional love and helps Christians learn how to build relationships for the Gospel.

Cru encourages all believers to start a conversation by asking someone to coffee or blessing someone during a hard time. Have courage and engage someone and share the good news of Jesus Christ this weekend. 

"Everyone can reach someone; together we can reach the world," Mikalatos said.



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