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'In the Name of Jesus, You Shall Live': Family Prays for Police Officer Shot by Gunman


A routine service call for one South Carolina police officer could have turned deadly had it not been for the quick response of a bystander and the prayers of his family. 

Estill police officer Quincy Smith was responding to a service call on New Year's Day in 2016.

Someone called reporting a suspicious man who was trying to steal items from a nearby grocery store.

Smith arrived on the scene and approached 29-year-old Malcolm Orr. 

The entire incident was caught on a pair of camera glasses Smith was wearing.

The video can be found on You Tube. CBN News made the editorial decision not to publish it due to the disturbing nature of the video  - which includes Smith being shot.

Orr can be seen with one hand in his pocket while talking on his cell phone.

"Come here for a second. Come here! You better stop — if you don't," Smith warns in the video.

But instead of stopping, Orr opens fire on Smith hitting him four times in the neck, hip, and arm. 

Bullets broke two bones in Smith's arm, severed a vein in his neck, and passed through his upper torso, the Charlotte Observer reports.

Smith immediately went down from his injuries but managed to crawl his way to his patrol car.

"Dispatch, please tell my family I love them," he said over the radio.

A man later identified as John Tompkins came to Smith's rescue. Tompkins was completing construction work on the convenience store behind where the incident happened. 

"He came to my aid and helped me," the officer said."He stayed there with me. At the time I did not think I would make it off the road that day because of the severe injuries that I had. Especially from the neck wound." He stayed there and comforted me and gave me a little bit of hope."

Two of his family members later came to the scene just before the ambulance arrived.

"In the name of Jesus, you shall live," one woman, a family member, can be heard yelling in prayer as she cried out to Jesus for Smith.

Smith told reporters that he is thankful for the prayers of his family members, the help of Tompkins and the $30 he spent on the glasses, according to CBS News.

Solicitor Duffie Stone announced last week that a jury found Orr guilty of attempted murder and possessing a weapon in a violent crime. Orr has been sentenced to 35 years in jail.

"If but not for the grace of God and some very good doctors, this would not only have been a murder case but a death penalty case," Stone said in a statement last week. 

Smith said he is feeling a lot better since the incident and is making progress.

"I'm doing a whole lot better," he said. "Still out of work for medical leave, still participating in therapy getting my bones and muscles back proper for work."

CBN News has reached out to officer Smith but has yet to receive a response.

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