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'America Stands With Israel': VP Pence Talks Jerusalem, Tax Reform, and God


Vice President Mike Pence addressed the Jack Kemp Leadership Award Dinner Wednesday evening, and spoke of Israel, the tax bill, and putting his trust in God.

He started by honoring the award recipient, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and praising the strong conservative values Jack Kemp championed during his own time in Congress.

One of those values is passionate support for Israel, which Pence said President Donald Trump clearly showed by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and ordering the move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

"Under President Donald Trump if the world knows nothing else, the world knows this -- America stands with Israel," Pence said. "The president of the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state of Israel."

"After decades of talk President Trump took action. He is a man of his word," Pence added.

Turning home, Pence praised the booming economy and the historic market growth America is experiencing.

"The American economy is already responding to the actions of our president and his agenda. Optimism is sweeping across America to consumers and job creators alike. Businesses large and small have created 1.5 million new jobs since January of this year alone," he said. "After more than eight years of less than 2% average growth, today the American economy is already growing faster than 3% and we're just getting started."

Vice President Pence said if America wants to sustain this growth, lawmakers must pass the GOP tax bill.

"I'll make a prediction that in just a few days, and frankly before Christmas of this year, President Donald Trump is going to sign historic legislation to cut taxes across the board for working families and job creators large and small," he said. "Once these cuts are implemented the typical American household will be able to anticipate an extra $4000 a year."

Vice President Mike Pence believes America will see brighter days, but this cannot be done without God's help.

"We put our trust in Him who planted this miracle of democracy on this wilderness shores," he said. "And to know that as we appealed to Him, as Americans have throughout our generations, as one nation under God that the best days of America are yet to come."

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