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Alveda King: Regulation of Abortion Industry Is Long Overdue


House Republicans say defunding Planned Parenthood will be a top priority this year after a congressional investigation of some disturbing practices by the abortion giant.

This week the House investigative report slammed Planned Parenthood for showing "hardness and callousness toward women and infants" by selling baby body parts for profits.

"It is a fact that there is a huge industry of baby body parts being sold through the abortion practice and other practices," said pro-life activist Dr. Alveda King.

King says the House report is a call to action.

She says she had abortions in the 1970s and has since repented and been healed. But the news about America's biggest abortion provider selling baby body parts caused her to have a flashback.

"I remember the callous treatment I received during my secret abortions," King told CBN News.

King says the House report's call to regulate the industry is long overdue.

"If we can get regulations for the abortion industry, the same thing that you have for a dentist, or if you have to go and get something minor, such as getting your ears pierced or something like that, those types of facilities have to be regulated," King said.

"And yet for years and years, people have turned a blind eye to regulating abortion mills," she continued. "And at that same time there were little bags going out the door, in containers, and boxes, that were carrying the bodies of our little babies. So there has to be regulations."

You can see our full interview with Dr. King by clicking on our video above. 

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