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Pro-Life Protesters Plan on Raising an Outcry with a Powerful Visual Aid Despite 'Buffer Zone'


A federal judge issued an order Friday to keep pro-life protesters away from a "buffer zone" outside Kentucky's only abortion clinic.
U.S. District Judge David J. Hale issued a temporary restraining order sought by federal prosecutors in a pre-emptive move ahead of vigils by Operation Save America.

The order is aimed at keeping supporters of the Texas-based Christian group away from EMW Women's Surgical Center in Louisville.
Operation Save America had planned a series of peaceful protests outside the clinic this weekend.

They will work in cooperation with the Created Equal organization, who will be setting up a jumbotron on Wednesday as a part of the protest.

It displays images of aborted babies and the gruesome reality of abortion.

Mark Harrington, National Director of Created Equal, says his organization have used jumbotron displays in the Washington D.C. March for Life since 2013. He hopes the large visual aid will help people grasp the severity of the issue.

"Many Kentucky residents remain blinded from the truth by abortionists’ lies and propaganda. They still call abortion a choice…a right…a woman’s health issue,” Harrington said in a press release. “Words alone will not dissuade those who are blinded. They need to see abortion to reject abortion."

Harrington says that the Kentucky protests are a centerpiece in the pro-life movement as a whole.

"Kentucky is one of the remaining states that only has one abortion clinic,” he told CBN News. “It’s created a focal point. I guess you could call it ground zero for the abortion debate.”

Warning: The video below contains a graphic image.

The buffer zone is directly outside the surgical center's entrance, between clinic property and the curbside patient drop-off zone, Hale's ruling said. The boundaries are about 15 feet from north to south and about 7.5 feet from east to west, it said.

Rusty Thomas, national director of Operation Save America, responded to the order, saying, "We're going to do what we always do."

"We're going to exercise our ministry on the sidewalk, and let the chips fall where they may."

He added that the government's request sought to "trample" on free-speech rights, and said his lawyers would make his case at a court hearing Monday.

"I've got news for the federal government, they are not God," said Thomas. "They don't have the authority to choose who lives and who dies."

"We believe the federal government's case is very, very thin," Thomas said. "And if the court allows the truth to be made known, then truth will prevail."

A hearing on the issue is scheduled for next week. 

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