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Giving Up Lust for Lent? Group Tackles One of the Biggest Struggles for American Men

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An anti-porn group is reaching out to men of faith this season, encouraging them to "Give Up Lust for Lent."

Men Against Porn launched the second-annual #giveuplustforlent initiative, encouraging men to look inward and determine if "they are honoring the women in their lives" and "being good role models for their children." 

Can I Break an Addiction to Pornography?

A licensed professional counselor and clinical expert for the group, Eddie Capparucci, believes Lent is a great opportunity for men of faith to make a focused effort to stop the use of pornography.

"Lent is a season for men to renew their faith commitment," he said in a statement. "And it is also a time for them to engage in self-reflection to move away from their selfish actions and instead spend time productively in honoring commandments and commitments to the women and children in their lives."

"We hope 'Give Up Lust for Lent' will encourage men to not only stop watching pornography, but to get involved in efforts that remove porn from their own communities, such as helping to lead a 'Porn is a Public Health Crisis Resolution' in their states," Capparucci continued.

He also said that too many people buy into the lie that "pornography is harmless."

"But that is the furthest thing from the truth," Capparucci said. "It destroys marriages, ruins careers, corrupts our children by teaching them to objectify and degrade women."

Men Against Porn hopes men and women will support the initiative by commenting on Twitter and using the "#giveuplustforlent" hashtag.

Men Against Porn describes itself as "a community and action group, dedicated to helping men be their all, free from shame, pain, and harm that porn addiction causes, while mobilizing men to live a porn-free life."

The group also leads a national push for state legislatures to declare porn a public health crisis.

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