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'Blessed': Newborn Baby Pictured Holding IUD That Couldn't Stop His Conception


Lucy Hellein never expected to be pregnant again.

The mother-of-three had an IUD put in last August. That type of contraceptive implant is believed to be 99 percent effective. 

Some medical practitioners feel there is a better chance of winning the lottery than of getting pregnant with an IUD. (Some pro-lifers consider IUD's to be controversial, but that's really not the point here.)

Here's what happened. By December, Hellein found that she was once again expecting, and she believes the baby was conceived just days after the IUD was placed in her uterus. 

Hellein gave birth to a healthy baby boy on April 27. 

The midwife who delivered Dexter via caesarean found something else during the birth--the fully intact Mirena IUD. It was lodged behind the placenta, which is attached to the wall of the uterus. 

That discovery lead to this ironic photo opp: 



Dr. Leena Nathan, an OBGYN and assistant clinical professor for the University of California at Los Angeles told Snopes that though it's rare, doctors sometimes find failed IUDs in a pregnant woman's uterus after her child is delivered. Pregnancies with IUDs still in the uterus can be risky.

When Hellein was found to be pregnant doctors went to remove the failed IUD but they couldn't find it. 

Hellein says that, "Although (Dexter) wasn't planned, my family and I feel incredibly blessed."

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