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'I Want to Do That Every Year': Conservative Commentator Glenn Beck Pays Off All Layaways at Dallas-Area Walmart


On their way to a Chrismas party over the weekend, Glenn Beck and his wife made a stop at a local Walmart and decided to pay off all of the layaways to the tune of $27,000. 

TheBlaze founder said he and his family had been inspired by Tyler Perry, who recently paid off all of the layaways at two Atlanta-area Walmarts, totaling more than $400,000.  

The Dallas Morning News reported Beck and his wife stopped at the Dallas-area North Richland Hills Walmart on their way to a Christmas party but ended up staying several hours at the store as employees helped Beck pay off each account. 

A Walmart spokesman said Beck paid a total of around $27,000 to close all of the accounts. Beck said on this radio program on Monday that the layaways had balances ranging from $24 to $500.

Members of the Beck family also took turns live-streaming updates on Beck's Facebook page. 

In one video, a Walmart employee was talking to a customer on their iPhone.

"I'm serious, somebody paid it," the employee told the customer who could be heard crying on the phone. 

Beck told the newspaper that he and his family were at the store earlier in the day shopping for a women's shelter that their church sponsors. He asked his family if they'd be happy to give up big Christmas gifts this year so they could pay off the layaways and they all said yes.

Beck also challenged others to do the same.  He also said he wanted it to become a Christmas tradition for his family. 

"As long as the Lord gives me strength and the ability to do that, I want to do that every year," he said. 

Watch one of the videos the Beck family posted to Glenn Beck's Facebook page.

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