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Famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick Headlines Regent University Cybersecurity Summit


Cyber threats are very real, and to address this issue that can affect people in all walks of life, Regent University held a cybersecurity summit this week.

Hundreds gathered to learn how to protect themselves and their businesses from hackers.

They listened to speakers from Google, Hewlett Packard, the FBI, GE Healthcare and other organizations. 

"Even though it's such an overwhelming domain - cybersecurity - that there are experts, that there's information available," Regent University's Dr. Gerson Moreno-Raino told CBN News. 

"There are smart ways to think about cybersecurity and cyber technologies and then smart ways to act on those technologies in how we use them, how we prepare ourselves to educate the next generation," he said. "I think another key part is educating the workforce."

Regent University has an Institute for Cybersecurity, offering associate's, bachelor's or master's degree programs.

Thursday's summit also included Regent's executive leadership series luncheon, featuring world-famous hacker Kevin Mitnick.

Mitnick used to be one of the FBI's most wanted. Today, he is a leading security consultant.    

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