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Is Generation Z Saying 'Goodbye' to Leftist Universities in Favor of Trade Schools? 


It is impossible for any student to go through high school without hearing about the benefits of going to college. However, new reports reveal that a number of students are turning to a different option — trade school. 

For many students in Generation Z — those who were born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s — college is just too expensive.  

According to a Barnes and Noble College study, most students solve this problem by aiming for high-earning careers that will pay off those loans. 

Meanwhile, 22 percent of Generation Z-ers are opting out of college and going to trade and vocational schools.

Vice reported in October that several states have noticed the trend and are investing more money into trade programs.

But how will trade school students fair against college students? 

RedState writer Brandon Morse argues vocational students will be less exposed to radical Left ideology. 

"For the Left, colleges and universities are where they can finally begin injecting their politics into your child and convincing them that the country they grew up in is an evil empire filled with greedy capitalists and racist right-wingers," he writes. 

While 89 percent of Generation Z high school students still believe college is valuable, Morse hopes the renewed interest in trade schools will sway students away from radical political ideologies. 

 "If Gen Z is turning its back on all of this, then you might actually start to see the edge the Left currently has on the populace begin to dull," Morse explains.

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