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Operation Blessing Teams with US Marines and Salvation Army to Help Thousands of Families at Christmas


Christmas can be a tough time for families with financial struggles, so Operation Blessing joined with like-minded groups to help them celebrate the holiday.

The annual Christmas Depot brought moms and dads from all around the Virginia Beach area to fill their carts with presents to go under the tree.

In this week-long event, the Salvation Army works alongside the United States Marine Corps, Toys for Tots, and Operation Blessing to help parents make Christmas a special time.

After they finished filling their carts with gifts, everyone received a full bag of groceries from Operation Blessing. 

For parents like Tammy, it means her son will have gifts and a full meal on Christmas Day.

"I actually was diagnosed with cancer in, like August. So I haven't worked for a few months," she said. As tears welled up in her eyes, Tammy continued, "This is my way to give my son Christmas." 

"Words can't say thank you enough," she said.

Operation Blessing donated enough food for 3,500 families to have stuffing, cranberry sauce and vegetables with their Christmas dinner.

Operation Blessing has been helping people all around the world this Christmas season. Click here to find out more.

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