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PRAYER LINK: The Problem of Sexual Abuse in the Church and the Role Unaccountable Leaders Play In It


On this week's Prayer Link: Wendy and Charlene dive into the issue of sexual abuse, #MeToo & #ChurchToo with special guests Nona Jones of Facebook's faith-based partnerships and Co-Pastor Aventer Gray of Relentless Church in Greenville, SC.

Growing up, Nona was sexually abused by her mother's live-in boyfriend. The man was eventually arrested and sent to prison. Nona shares what happened after he was released.

Jones and Gray, along with Charlene and Wendy, discuss how unaccountable leaders in the faith community pave the way for abuse.

"The biggest issue is enablement and you see it even in the church," Jones told CBN News. "People will do wrong things in leadership positions and they won't be held accountable. And the people around them are so enamored with just being in their circle."

Click the video below to watch the panel discusson of #MeToo, #ChurchToo and much more.



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