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Can God Speak Through a Horse Race? Why This Author Says the Kentucky Derby Sent a Big Message

Country House wins the 145th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, May 4, 2019. Maximum Security finished first but was disqualified. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

With the final leg of horse-racing's Triple Crown just one week away, we're taking a look back at an unusual moment during the Kentucky Derby earlier in May.

For the first time in its 145 year history, the winner of the famous Kentucky Derby horse race was disqualified.

The horse that appeared to be the clear winner was named Maximum Security.

But after closer examination by the judges, Maximum Security was found to have veered out of his lane, cutting off other horses and causing a potentially dangerous situation.

The second place winner, named Country House, was declared the winner of the Kentucky Derby.

Some believe God was speaking through this unforgettable horse race. After all, God did speak through a literal donkey in the Old Testament.

Johnny Enlow is a speaker and prophetic author, writing books like The Seven Mountain Prophecy. He believes the race results send a message for all of us. He recently spoke with Wendy Griffith about it, calling the results "unprecedented."

"Maximum Security is a prison term... it particularly has to do with controlling all aspects – extra cameras, extra everything – I really felt like it spoke into kind of the 'Deep State' component of what's taking place and being exposed in our nation. And it's time for that to be eliminated," Enlow said.

Meanwhile, Country House's odds of winning the Derby had been 65-to-1.

"I think it speaks into both our country and our house... a house is where a family lives. So there's a macro/micro application of what's being affected at this time. And God understands that we need help on both of them," Enlow said.

"The macro would be the 'country' matter," he said. "And we're in a time where there's been a high level of...family breakdown, family troubles. And the maximum security bondage is being broken off... allowing our country and house to prosper," he said.

You can watch Wendy Griffith's interview with Johnny Enlow ABOVE to hear more.


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