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As 'Batman and Robin' Director Reveals Thousands of Gay Partners, Alarm Sounds on LGBT Targeting of Kids

A young child embraces a drag queen at the Mobile Public Library during Drag Queen Story Hour in Mobile, Ala. The event was sponsored by LGBT group Rainbow Mobile. (AP Photo/Dan Anderson)
A young child embraces a drag queen at the Mobile Public Library during Drag Queen Story Hour in Mobile, Ala. The event was sponsored by LGBT group Rainbow Mobile. (AP Photo/Dan Anderson)


Are the days of "live and let live" over for those of us who believe in traditional, even biblical, values and want to pass that culture on to our children and grandchildren?  As much as we may try to ignore it, today's culture is inundated with lust, sexual deviancy, and gender confusion, and - without trying to shock or exaggerate - it's coming for those precious children and grandkids we pray for and try so hard to protect.  

Just last week radio host, Todd Starnes, reported that children were "cavorting" on the floor with a man dressed garishly as a woman during a "Drag Queen Story Hour" in a Portland, Oregon public library. A photo showed a little girl lying directly on top of the drag queen. The photo has since been removed from the library's website. 

Key to bringing our kids into this brave new world of accepted deviancy is to keep us silent...whether by overwhelming us with shock and disbelief, or intimidating and shaming us into accepting this "enlightened" view of humanity.  

Why else would sensible, loving parents think three-year-olds should be able to choose their gender unless they believed it harmless? Why else would anyone allow drag queens to read to children at the public library as if it's just another "story hour."   

Some adults may be naive, or maybe they've become so inured to the idea that homosexuality is just another lifestyle that they no longer believe this kind of behavior is toxic.  But it is.  It truly is.

Acclaimed Hollywood director, Joel Schumacher, inadvertently confirmed that toxicity when he told Vulture magazine recently that he'd literally had sexual intercourse with thousands of men throughout his life. Something that, he says, is not uncommon for gay men.  

"It would be in the double-digit thousands, but that is not unusual. It's not for a gay male, because it's available," he said. 

Schumacher confirmed, too, that his own homosexuality is not confined to his private life; he cites his movie, Batman & Robin, a film aimed at children, and littered with homosexual undertones.  

"If I wasn't gay, they would never say those things," he explained in the Vulture interview. 

Further, in a comment that could be construed as rationalizing pedophilia, Schumacher minimized the claims of misconduct leveled against another Hollywood directing legend, Bryan Singer. Singer, who is now 53, directed four X-Men movies, among others. The Atlantic reports he's been accused multiple times of abusing children who worked on the set of his movies.

"Bryan was so talented at a very young age, and socially, Bryan was so charming. He had young boyfriends, but I don't know what age they were.  And I don't know if they were taken advantage of or if they were thrilled. I wasn't there," Schumacher said.

All around us, the boundaries that protected and nurtured children are collapsing.  

Last year LifeSiteNews reported a drag queen who helped organize a "Story Hour" at a Lafayette, Louisiana library, actually admitted the agenda behind his appearance was to promote and normalize homosexuality.
"This is going to be the grooming of the next generation. We are trying to groom the next generation," said Dylan Pontiff, who when dressed in drag goes by the name Santana Pilar Andrews. 

Dr. Michael Brown says it's well past time for outrage.

"There are some things so wrong that we cannot allow ourselves to get used to them," Brown said in a press release for his new book, Jezebel's War With America.

"We must always be outraged over them. Always grieved over them. We can never accept them as the new status quo. The drag queen assault on our children is one of those things. I'm talking about the celebration of little children in drag. I'm talking about drag queens dancing for our children and reading stories to them. This is unacceptable. This is perverse. This is outrageous. It was bad enough when this happened at gay pride parades. It was even worse when it started to happen in our community libraries."

Elizabeth Johnston is a Christian vlogger who's been dubbed The Activist Mommy. According to OneNewsNow, Johnston spoke recently on Tony Perkins' radio show Washington Watch, and called the material many drag queens are reading to children "gender-bending" propaganda.

"This has gotten to the point where we have drag queens teaching classes, in our libraries, on how to do drag," she said. Johnston urged her supporters to contact their local libraries and "respectfully express their complaint." 

"Tell the library," she said, "that to be reading gender-bending, confusing books to children is not appropriate, especially on our taxpayer dime – and so please pull the program." 

Her own activism has been successful in getting some of the Drag Queen Story Hours canceled, but not without a price. She has received numerous threats in emails targeting her and her family.

Johnston told Perkins, "One of the drag queens has even put out a call for people to call children's services on me because I asked citizens who pay taxes to call their library and express their concern."

But she's not backing down. The more people call to complain, the less likely they can be ignored.

Making calls, organizing voters to pressure community leaders, these are ways to stand and resist what seems an onslaught against Christian and traditional morality.  Brown stressed the urgency of the times, and added yet another weapon to the activism and outrage: spiritual warfare.  

"So, let the outrage continue," he said, "And let that outrage turn to prayer, compassion, and courage. This is happening on our watch."


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