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'God's Gonna Bless Him': Detroit Police Officer Helps Homeless Man Shave

Image credit: Jill Metiva Schafer Facebook
Image credit: Jill Metiva Schafer Facebook

A Detroit police officer is being praised for helping a homeless man as he attempted to shave in a rain puddle.

WKRG-TV reports that Officer Jeremy Thomas with the Detroit Police Department noticed that 62-year-old Stanley Nelson needed a hand with a simple task so he stepped in.

"I observed him trying to use a water puddle to rinse his razor off and he had shaving cream on his hands, his coat, his face, and his eyes," Thomas said.

"I walked up and said 'excuse me sir' and at that point, he said 'okay, I'll leave, I'll leave'. I said no, do you need some help? He turned around blindly and said, 'Yes thank you and God bless'."

Nelson had just received the razor and shaving cream from a woman and her daughter as a handout.

"What he did for me was alright. I really appreciate that. I feel bad about myself. But I'm gonna be alright," Nelson said.

"God's gonna bless him. He's gonna bless him for doing that for me. He didn't have to do that. He's got a heart, he understands when you're out here on the street. Look out for somebody cuz God will look out for you," he added.

The kind gesture was seen by Jill Metiva Schafer who took a few photos then posted them on Facebook. 

Schafer told CBN News that Officer Thomas did not realize anyone was watching him.  

Helping others is one of the reasons Officer Thomas joined the Detroit Police Department just three years ago.

"Just know that this could be you at any day. Nobody is better than the other person. Maybe at a better position in life, but use that opportunity to take care of someone else when you can," Thomas added. 

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