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Vandal Puts a Red Slash Through Jesus' Name as Four Churches Spray-Painted in TX

Image source: Dallas Police Department
Image source: Dallas Police Department

Multiple churches in Southern Texas were vandalized Saturday evening, tagged with spray-painted, anti-Christian messages.

All of the churches are within a few miles of each other and have disparaging words that are similar in style, according to DFW-TV in Dallas.

Senior Pastor Clarence Preston arrived at Beth-Eden Baptist Church Sunday morning to find the word 'Lie' spray-painted in red all around the steeple. 

"Well, it's not something that I appreciated. It was very unappreciated. It takes much effort and made a great undertaking to do that," he said. "We do not know the motivation and the rationale as to why they would perpetrate such activity as this."

Not far away from that church, more churches were vandalized in a similar manner.

Fox News reports the exterior of St. Luke Presbyterian Church was covered in condemning words like 'Scam', 'All Lies' and 'Not Commming' in red spray paint. The name of 'Jesus' with a slash through was located on another wall.

Red paint was found on a cross that stands in front of St. Phillips Missionary Baptist Church. The word 'Believe' was written with black spray paint but the middle of the word – 'lie' – was written in red. 

Also, St. Paul Lutheran Church was defaced with the word 'Lie' written on a wall.

CBN News spoke with the Dallas Police Department who said they are currently investigating these criminal offenses.

An image was released, along with videos of the vandal marring these holy places.

Pastor Preston said whoever committed these crimes may be broken but there is hope in salvation.

"We want and hope that the person who perpetrated this act will come to Christ," he said.

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