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Third Target: What If ISIS Captures Chemical Weapons?


What would happen if the terrorist group, ISIS, acquired weapons of mass destruction? 

That's the premise of The Third Target, a new novel by Middle East analyst and bestselling author Joel Rosenberg.

In it Rosenberg weaves the fictitious tale of J.B. Collins, a New York Times correspondent who risks everything by slipping into Syria to interview the commander of the brutal jihadist army.

Ultimately, Collins finds himself faced with a decision that could cost him his career – or his life.

Rosenberg cautions that his latest book is meant to be more than entertaining, but should serve as a warning to U.S. leaders against the dangers of complacency.

***What should the world be doing to stop ISIS from advancing? Joel Rosenberg addressed this question and more on “The 700 Club,” Jan. 7.

“Too many political leaders in Washington are becoming complacent about how serious a threat ISIS really is, and the stakes,” he told Fox News.

“A year ago the president told us that ISIS was not a threat, that they were a ‘JV’ team,” he continued. “Last summer, he said ISIS was engaged in genocide.”

“Well, okay, if they are engaged in genocide, why is this such a slow-moving process of defeating them?” Rosenberg challenged.

‘What The Third Target does — fictionally — is take us into a world in which they are not defeated, in which they capture chemical weapons, and then all hell breaks loose, far worse than what we currently see,” he said.

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