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'Holiday Beaches Cannot be Protected' in Face of ISIS Threats

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The beautiful beaches of Europe may be the scene of bloodshed and carnage as the vacation season heats-up due to a threat from a terror group.

ISIS is reportedly targeting some of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the Costa del Sol in Spain, southern France and both coasts of Italy as the site for mass murder, according to credible sources.

Undercover operatives in Africa as well as NATO insiders are reporting evidence that the Islamic terror group has "concrete plans" to pose as refugee t-shirt and ice cream vendors and detonate bombs under lounge chairs as well as suicide vests they themselves are wearing. They also are said to be planning to open fire with automatic weapons as ocean-goers frolic in the surf and sand.

Even more concerning are reports that ISIS terrorists won't stop with conventional explosives.  They are also apparently planning to use nuclear or radioactive, biological and chemical weapons, such as mustard gas.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says there is evidence ISIS has already used mustard gas on numerous occasions against the Kurds last year, even though such chemical weapons are universally banned.  The terrorist group is said to have obtained the key ingredients for mustard gas from Syria, even though that regime was supposed to have gotten rid of its chemical weapons years ago.

NATO and EU representatives add that there is "justified concern" that ISIS is looking for even more ingredients for their sinister plots and that the general public should be on the lookout for people trying to procure the necessary items to make chemical, biological or radiological weapons.

Dr. Jamie Shea, deputy assistant secretary general for emerging security threats at NATO, said at the Security and Counter Terror Expo in London: "We know terrorists are trying to acquire these substances."

Many of the tourists who vacation in these popular spots are British.  One high-ranking British official said of this newest alleged terror plot, "It could be a whole new dimension of terror. Holiday beaches cannot be protected."  

One security expert said the ISIS threat is likely to "get worse before it gets better."

It's believed that the perpetrators will be from the radical Islamic terror group based in Africa known as Boko Haram, which has pledged its allegiance to ISIS.

Seck Pouye, a Senegalese law enforcement official said of the terrorists, "These people travel regularly to Italy and other places with visas and documents.  They are not illegal because they are viewed as business people and traders.  That is what makes them so dangerous."  

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