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Operaton Blessing Aids Single Mother and Four Children Fleeing from Venezuela

Venezuelan refugee receives aid from Operation Blessing

CBN's Operation Blessing is helping a single immigrant mother who left her home in Venezuela to find a better future for her family.
Madaley is a mother with four young children between the ages of 11 and one-year-old. While living in Venezuela, she only made enough money to feed her family one meal a day. She grew what little food she could on her small plot of land.

After their father was killed, she had little choice to but leave Venezuela to find a better life for her children.

While carrying all of their belongings, Madaley and her four children began walking toward the border. Her goal is to find work in Ecuador so she can provide for her family.

In search of a better life, Venezuelans must overcome many hardships throughout their journey to find a place with better opportunities.

Operation Blessing met Madaley on while she and her family were walking through Colombia.  The non-profit international aid organization gave her family a hot, filling meal, and provided her and her children medical attention. OB doctors also gave the family much-needed medical supplies for their journey. 

Madaley's youngest son suffered from asthma attack. 

"He turned all purple and was unresponsive," she recalled. "My baby was very, very weak. I was terrified. But today the Operation Blessing doctors gave him an inhaler and medicine."

Madaley told Operation Blessing they helped her so much, and that she was really grateful.

"For any problems I may have along the way, today I was lucky to meet you," she said.

Operation Blessing relies on the generosity of partners to help provide food, clean water, medical care, and hope to these weary refugees. 

Find out how you can help the people of Venezuela. 

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