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  • paper with word shame on it nailed to the wood

    Nail Your Problems to the Cross

    The risen Lord Jesus Christ gives us power over the destructive patterns in our lives.

  • Lately, the air around me surges thick with spiritual warfare. I get through one thing, and then BAM, something else hits.

  • Senior father hugging adult daughter

    Honor Your Dad and It Will Go Well with You

    Be a model of grace. Live in the blessing of honoring your dad.

  • Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and other dads share what it means to be a godly father.

  • As we celebrate Father's Day, here's some biblical advice for all the fathers out there.

  • You know them, you love them … and lets be honest, you miss them.  It has been more than two years since Duck Dynasty went off the air. ...

  • At the heart of "Emanuel" is a story of faith and forgiveness.

  • One item that's always on my to-buy list for Dad is movies. Here are five films that showcase fatherhood...

  • Based on an outside-the-gym model, we want to encourage you with some different ways you can experience your body’s full potential outside...

  • Check out the Bible, and you’ll read things like “early will I seek you God” and “My times are in your hands, Lord”. There are also plenty of...

  • The simple, smart choices you make each day really do add up — like choosing bottled water over sugar-filled pop, fresh berries instead of ice cream...

  • I need to recalibrate my expectations, realizing bad things happen to good people, even when those good people are “me.”

  • While the Bible never teaches a give-to-get approach to generosity (see Romans 11:35), a consistent message throughout Scripture is there are...

  • Perhaps the IRS's best-kept secret is that you can be forgiven of tax debt you owe but cannot pay.

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