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  • Numbers 5-6; Mark 4:1-20

  • Let's face it, we always think we know best in regards to what we want and need in this life.The reality is - God is the only one who knows what's...

  • willis-heart3.png

    Heart of Love

    The Lord urges us to turn to him now, while there is time, and give him our hearts.

  • Mom and daughter talking

    How to Parent the Snowflake Generation

    We can't protect children from every negative feeling and experience in life, but we can teach them resiliency and coping.

  • Angry man

    5 Ways to Deal with Your Anger

    Have you exploded in ways that later embarrassed you? Have you acted in ways that surprised you and caused you to wonder what is wrong?

  • Young couple arguing

    Leaning into the Fire

    Do you try to put the fire of concern out before understanding it? Do you avoid the fire of concern, only to have it rise again?

  • Most gyms are crowed the first weeks of January with New Year resolutions and then empty out by the beginning of February. As a coach and personal...

  • Breakfast can sometimes be the hardest meal to find something that's different and full of nutrition.  You might be able to find a cereal you've...

  • "Anxiety is a knot of both emotions and physiology," says Dr. Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP, and for many women, especially those high-achieving "all-...

  • A world war is now underway on many battlefields. This ‘war on cash’ is an invasion by government money-snatchers and cyber-hackers that now...

  • Without any hesitation or doubt, I believe that pastors should be given a generous amount of paid vacation or personal leave time. While in...

  • Have you ever felt that your calling is not as "spiritual" as someone else's? Has a friend or a leader in the church ever implied that if you were...

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