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Closing the Chapter on 15 Year Back Pain

“Hi I’m Jo. I just enjoy playing with my dogs. I have two sweet puppies. I just enjoy things outside. The pain in my back started about 15 years ago. When I'd do things, play with the dogs or-or go out and work in my yard, uh want to go and just walk, uh I'd have to sit down in between all of it. I couldn't enjoy it as much. I'd bend over and it was excruciating, it was really bad. The doctor, they decided to send me to pain therapy. They did everything from uh giving me patches, putting electrodes on my back. They put injections in my back. We did acupuncture. Nothing ever seemed to work. I was just tired of this. I was so fed up with having the pain."

Jo shares, "on September 1st, I was watching the 700 Club and Wendy was praying.”

Wendy on The 700 Club: You have lower back pain that has just plagued you for years. And God is healing you right now. Today is your day. Just receive it. You are healed and that pain will not be there anymore, in Jesus name.

Jo exclaims, “It was exciting and I'm going ‘That is me, thank you.’ And I just kept saying, ‘It's me! Thank you, Jesus.’ I felt the pain leaving, it just sort of left. And uh I get – I get really excited about it. I'm just telling everybody. It hadn't been there now in quite a while and I thank Him every morning when I get up. I just – it's all because of Jesus. He just was there. And I was there at the right time and accepted at the right time. I can do anything that I didn't do before. I just want to thank the Lord. I know He can do anything, and I can do anything with Jesus. I feel so good, so good.”

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