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The 700 Club - August 3, 2011

Suzy Cohen shares natural ways to control blood sugar and prevent diabetes problems, and the story of Joe Cooley’s miraculous answer to prayer.


Americas most trusted pharmacist is back. Suzy Cohen shows you how to control your blood sugar and treat diabetes without prescription drugs. Well, welcome to The 700 Club. The president may have signed the debt reduction package. Moody’s gave the United States a Triple A rating with a negative outlook, but besides all that, the markets around the world have gone nuts. People are realizing that there is a serious problem, and one of the things they’re doing, they’re diving out of the dollar. The United States dollar is going into a freefall which is what I thought it would do. And gold, gold. Gold is the place to go. When it was down about 5 or 600, I said it was going to $1,800 an ounce. It’s $100 away from $1,800 an ounce. And a long time ago, I got a kilo of gold dust, and I had it made into little bars. In those days it was worth about $250 an ounce. Wow! And that is an ounce of gold. Thank you so much, Pat! I’m going to tell you where you can buy it! I’m going to tell you the place to go buy it, Kristi! I’m trying to get that bar! This is now worth, it’ll be soon $1,800. Really? I don’t know what to say except that where do you hide? The Bible says neither your silver nor gold deliver in the day of God’s wrath. But just think that used to be $250 an ounce. Now it’s worth $1,800 or $1,700. Incredible! It’s amazing just how the tides are changing on so many different areas, right? Right. It is. Okay! Okay, so we know that Obama signed the debt deal in Congress, right? We that so many things are about to change, but check this out. Lobbyists are getting ready to defend their pet programs from those spending cuts. In fact, Paul Strand has the story from Washington. Hardly anyone in Congress is happy with the debt deal. And President Obama didn’t even bless it with a public signing. Congress made just $917 billion in spending cuts over the next 10 years, leaving it up to a so-called "super-committee" of 12 lawmakers to make $1.2 trillion more by Thanksgiving. Obama isn’t unhappy with the emphasis on cuts. Since you can't close the deficit with just spending cuts, we'll need a balanced approach where everything's on the table. Meaning he’s still going to push for higher taxes, so as he frames it: The wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations pay their fair share. That kind of talk and the relatively small size of the spending cuts only made an already-depressed stock market plunge further, with a 266 point drop wiping out the hard-won games of months. It’s the longest losing streak since the 2008 financial crisis made worse by almost daily bad economic news. The same day that we got the debt ceiling taken care of we had major economic numbers come out which showed that the U.S. economy was weakening. Worried investors fled to gold, sending it to another record high around $1,670. And the deal may not keep the rating agencies from downgrading Americas gold standard AAA rating. Those agencies want to see clear fiscal discipline from Washington, and the proposed spending cuts may well not be enough. Both sides in Congress agree the way out is to get the economy moving again which would send more tax money to Washington and would bring back well-paying jobs Enough talk about the debt. We have to talk about jobs. Obviously, the biggest concern the American people have is jobs and the economy. But they differ radically on what to do about it. The Democrats hint they may push for another government stimulus program, with higher taxes helping to pay for it. Republicans say they'll fight any attempt to hike taxes, because only lower taxes and less government spending will help create jobs. (Washington): Meanwhile, Politico.com reports that lobbyists here on K Street are wasting no time warning their clients they'll have to push hard on that congressional super-committee of 12 to keep pet programs, benefits and tax loopholes off the chopping block. More than $1 trillion in cuts means almost everyone involved with Washington is likely to lose at least a little something. Paul Strand, CBN News, Washington. Thanks, Paul. The president talks about creating jobs. How does he create jobs? He loses an army of left wing administrators on the private sector, and they tie them up like Gulliver in the little appfusions with all kinds of regulations where it’s almost impossible for them to do business. We’ve got in addition to that Sarbanes-Oxley. The president can’t take credit for that piece of horrible legislation, but it is deterring new entrepreneurs from going public in the public markets, and just one after the other. And what does he want to do? He wants high taxes so he doesn’t waste any time in beating up on the so-called rich. Well, who makes the jobs? A bum out on the street with no money isn’t going to give somebody else a job. The people who make businesses and make jobs are those who’ve got some money to do it with. It’s just simple economics. Yes, the tax code should be reformed, and I think the Tea Party types are kind of silly to stand and put a line in the sand and say you can’t touch the tax code. Well, yes we can; it’s a monstrosity. And all those exemptions in there need to get taken out, and it needs to be streamlined. And if that is done, it would make more revenue for the government, and at the same time it wouldn’t hurt the economy. We’ve got to do something. But, ladies and gentlemen, these so-called entitlements, all these things have got to be reformed. We have to raise the age of Social Security, raise some of the standards for Medicare. There’s got to be somebody and somewhere to go into the structure of it and say, “We’ve got to reform it.” And branches of government, there are so many overlapping branches; the time has come to simplify it. It just has to be done! And if we continue to contemporize and continue to play politics, what’s going to happen is the United States in another year or two is going to not only find it’s Triple A downgraded, but countries around the world won’t be buying our bonds. And you say we’ve got a debt ceiling raise, so we can go borrow money, but nobody will loan it to us. And if you can believe Putin, in that dictatorial society he lives in, calls the United States a “parasite.” That used to be the term they placed against those who had left the Communist fold and were getting ready to get executed. They call them “parasites.” That’s what he says; the United States is a parasite, because it’s living on somebody else’s money. I just don’t like the idea of a dictator in Russia laughing at the United States. We’re the greatest nation on earth, and it’s time we started acting like it. Lee Webb has the rest of our top stores. Lee? Pat, the debt problems of two European nations are getting worse. Investors are getting more and more worried that Spain and Italy will not be able to make all the payments on their huge debts. Both countries are considered too big for bailout packages, and fewer countries in Europe are in financial shape to help rescue other nations. Italy is one step closer to banning the Muslim burqa. A commission there approved a draft law outlawing women from wearing the face-covering in public. The draft is an extension of a current law that prohibits people from wearing masks in public places. France and Belgium have already outlawed burqas. So has one city in Spain. Sponsors of the ban say the new law will make it easier for Islamic women to integrate into Italian society. Others, though, say it's unjust and hurts a woman's "individual liberty." Much of the South and Midwest are dealing with record-breaking temperatures again this week, many areas reaching 100 degrees or above, and in some places it feels like 120. It was 112 in Topeka, Kansas, Tuesday. Forecasters expect temperatures there to hit triple digits for at least the next five days. And in Oklahoma the National Weather Service has issued heat warnings that extend until Saturday. The heat and humidity are putting many at risk for heat-related illnesses. Pat? Well, I want to caution everybody in this audience to stay indoors of you possibly can. I ride a horse, but I do it at seven in the morning when it’s cooler, but you don’t try to be macho and outrunning and all that kind of stuff. Stay in doors. Stay indoors and stay cool if you possibly can, because you can get heat prostration very, very quickly. You made a really good point about how you ride your horse in the morning. I think the early morning is the best time to do a lot of things. For instance, you know I planted my garden and did my whole backyard. I have been struggling up a storm trying to get all the plants watered, because the heat has tried to kill them. So I’ve been getting up at 5:30 in the morning. You have! Yeah, watering my—I spent too much money on those plants, brother. Well, don’t let them go. Watering those plants. So do it early in the morning and chill out for the rest of the day. Well, we’re going to be talking about health here shortly, and Lee has a report of the news that you’ll find very interesting. Yes, this is kind of a bizarre story in fact, Pat; and the question is can dieting actually make you eat more? That's what a new study claims. Scientists say dieting causes brain cells, get this, to actually start eat themselves, triggering your brain to send out signals that make you hungry and slow down your metabolism. That makes it more difficult to lose weight. The study was done with mice, but scientists say the results likely apply to humans as well. Researchers say a medicine could be developed that blocks those hunger signals from the brain, leading to more successful diets. But just in case, Pat, I'm going to go get a bite to eat, because I don't want my brain cells to start eating each other. To have you eating your brain cells would just be a horrible prospect. But, ladies and gentlemen, really I did a diet program. It was very popular. We had well over a million people that wanted the diet shake and the diet program. But it always involved eating, eating four or five small meals a day. It involved protein. It involved the good carbohydrates and none of the sugars and things that would cause fat. But you have to keep yourself full. You have to nourish your muscles. Otherwise when you stop eating, your metabolism slows down. Your body says he’s starving and therefore I'm going to shut the mechanism down, so he won't be burning up too much energy. That's the way the Lord made us. Well, you know, you make a great point, Pat, when you were talking about the diet that you had and how, really, you used to say, “Eat yourself silly.” I think just the word “diet” in itself is synonymous with deprivation, and really that is a negative connotation. The whole thing about eating right is about eating what? Five, six meals a day? Small meals. Keep your metabolism up. Keep that fire burning, brother. You do that? I do that. And I suck in my stomach, too. That's why the fire is over here burning, burning, burning. It’s burning, burning. With all the savings you're making, now go out and buy an ounce of gold. Listen, here's the deal, Pat, I think you should really give me that little baby bar. I’ve given you how to get it. I could get it if you get into your pocket and hand it over to me. I'll give you the address of where you can buy one. Kristi, what's next? Well, up next he's now a scapegoat for the Norway massacre. Islamic expert Robert Spencer actually joins us after this. Plus, if you got a question for Pat, like where to get gold? We want to hear from you. Our chat room is open and we're going to bring an online later on in today's program, so don't go away. Still ahead . . . . . . . . how to think outside the pill. America's pharmacist, Suzy Cohen, shows you how to reverse diabetes without drugs. Now is a good time to get a new HD TV, but did you know you need more than a cool TV to see true HD? Thirty percent of the people watching a high def television are not watching high def programming. Why would they do that? Because you need a HD provider. Dish Network is the leader in hi def. I'm going to step up and check out Dish Network. It's the biggest deal in HD entertainment. Get HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Stars, free for three months. 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Certainly they said it had to be the work of a Christian; they always do that. But then they began to put part of the blame on an influential American blogger. Dale Hurd has that story. Some news articles about the killings have suggested that accused mass murderer Anders Breivik was inspired by a handful of bloggers who write about the dangers of Islam on the Internet. Breivik sought to kill members and supporters of Norway's ruling Labour Party which he believes has allowed Norway to be a lslamicised. And the press has zeroed in on one respected Islamic expert in particular: Robert Spencer who blogs on the website JihadWatch.org. Tonight officials are poring over this 1500-page manifesto that Breivik wrote. He quoted heavily, not only from America's Unabomber but American bloggers like Robert Spencer who shares his suspicion of Islam. Spencer is the author of 10 books including the New York Times bestsellers The Truth about Mohammed and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. He also leads seminars on Islam and jihad for the U.S. military, the FBI, and the intelligence community. Critics of Islam have long been accused of hate speech, and some believe the Norway massacre is now being used as an excuse to further stifle criticism of Islam. Well, joining us now is a prolific author, a man who has written, I believe 10 books. He's got a blog out about Islam he has studied for almost 20 years or so, Islamic thought; and he's here with us today. Robert Spencer, it's a pleasure to welcome you. Likewise, thank you. Tell me what it is about the media today that seems to be in favor of radical Islam? Why do they want to put down anybody who tells the truth about this cult? Well, I'll tell you, I think the unpleasant truth about it is that the media being hard left is essentially anti-American. And so anything that's American, that's Western, that's Christian, that's Judeo-Christian, they hate. And so they see Islam and it’s non-Western and non-Christian, and they love it. How can they love murderers? These people are murderers. They kill American soldiers. They kill innocent civilians. Well, you know, to be sure, it's not that they're approving of that directly; because they are propagating the propaganda line that Islam is a religion of peace that's been hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, and they constantly gloss over and sometimes outright deny the fact that Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to promote violence and to incite peaceful Muslims to commit acts of violence. These things are matters of fact. It's pretty obvious from what jihadist’s themselves say. You wrote a book about Mohammed. You have studied carefully his writings, and he wrote the Koran. What does the Koran have to say and what did he have to say about jihad? Well, Pat, the Koran says that Muslims should wage war against Jews and Christians. This is chapter 9, verse 29. It says that Muslims should wage war against people of the book, that is primarily Jews and Christians, until they pay the jizya, which is a special tax that Muslims are exempt from paying with willing submission and feel themselves subdued. And that verse became the foundation for a whole elaborate, superstructure in the Islamic law that mandates a second-class status for Jews and Christians in Islamic societies so that they're denied basic rights. Even though that's not fully enforced around the world today, in Pakistan and in Egypt and elsewhere there is a systematic institutionalized form of discrimination against the native Christians in the country so that they can’t get good jobs. They can build new churches or repair old ones, and they’re subject to all sorts of forms of legalized harassment and discrimination. You know, I read something the other day, one of these writers was saying, “Well, if the Muslims take over, they’ll give everybody dhimmis status, like that was a big deal. Could you talk about that? It is funny that people talk about that as if it's a positive. And a lot of times I've heard Islamic apologists say, “It means that Jews and Christians are exempt from military service in the Islamic state, and isn't that great.” But, it's not that they're exempt from military service because there's some sort of privileged class. They're exempt from military service because they're not trusted, and they're not really full citizens. They are made to pay this tax that the Muslims don't actually pay. As a matter of fact, if you look back at the great Islamic empires of the past when they were in the military power houses, it was the non-Muslim communities within those states that paid for that expansion and that military. But they weren't able to serve in it themselves. And they were made to pay this tax is a sign of their humiliation and disgrace, because they had rejected Mohammed and Allah. Well, let's talk about the so-called “caliphate.” Do the majority of Muslims actually believe that they will establish a caliphate that will extend from sea to sea? Well, I don't know if it's a majority in the United States. That's really hard to determine. But I can tell you that the Muslim Brotherhood has been dedicated. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood, which is in international Islamic organization, was founded in 1928 in order to restore the caliphate which was abolished by the secular Turkish government in 1924. And they have their best shot at doing that now than they've ever had, because they're about to come to power in Egypt, and they have allied organizations about to come to power in Tunisia, in Libya, in Yemen, possibly in Syria and elsewhere. These are all organizations that want to unite the Islamic world under a caliphate, and so I think it's very likely they're going to try. The foundations of Islam are crumbling, because people are hearing the truth on the Internet and through the various media that are out there today. They’ve been brainwashed for many years; now there's a turning away from the extreme form of Islam. Is this true or not? Oh absolutely, Pat, it's 100 percent true. I have information that there are several hundred thousand people in the Islamic world who have secretly converted to Christianity. They have to do it in secret, because Islam forbids conversion. Mohammed said if anybody changes his religion kill him. And there's actually a death penalty on somebody who leaves Islam and becomes a Christian or leaves Islam and becomes an atheist or anything else. In the Islamic world, that makes for a very brittle culture that can't stand any kind of criticism, because they know that it won't stand up to scrutiny, and so in this case they try to demonize anybody speaks the truth about the elements of Islam that jihadists use to justify violence, and that's why they're trying to blame me for Norway. And also they have to close off any kind of questioning of their own doctrine, because they know it won't stand up. But people are seeing through it. It's hard in this Internet age to block the truth out, and so a lot of people are getting the word out, and as that number begins to grow I think that ultimately they're not going to have to live in hiding the way they do now. Last question. How about you? Are you threatened? Do you have death threats against you? Are there fatwas issued against you? Yes Pat, I have very many; and as a matter of fact, since this Norway thing I've gotten for new death threats, and I expect they’ll continue to come in. What do you do to protect yourself? Besides trust the Lord. Well, you know, when I go out and speak in public, I do have a guard; but ultimately I think these kinds of things are in the hand of God, and I think that when it comes down to it, it's not as if I'm not going to die if I stop telling the truth. So I might as well tell the truth and just let the chips fall where they may. Robert, thank you very much. May the Lord keep you safe. Thank you. Thank you. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's out there. You ask the media in this country what in heaven’s name is wrong with you? Are you so anti-American, are you so opposed to this great nation and the freedoms you have that you want to embrace something out of the eighth century, BC, that restricts the role of women and causes hideous fighting, jihad, the killing of innocent civilians? Why do you embrace that? You ask yourself, the media in America, why do you embrace that? You're living in the freest, nicest, most beautiful nation on earth. What's wrong with you? Wake up! Kristi. All right, we're going to switch gears a little bit. Up next, did you know that milk can cause diabetes? And check this out: so can white flour. Find out why when pharmacist Suzy Cohen actually talks about diabetes without drugs, when we come back. Do you have money to burn? If not, you need to know that the paper dollars you've invested your life savings in are being consumed right now in a growing blaze of inflation and declining value. Economists know why the dollar is burning and at risk of crashing. It's because politicians and central bankers keep printing them, and this makes the dollars you've worked so hard to for, worth less and less. The politicians and bankers hated the gold standard, because it forced them to be honest. That's why the U.S. dollar keeps losing value and could soon crash. 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Together, we'll explore real treatment options you may not even know exist. Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It is such a different place, because they give you hope. I would strongly urge you to call them and get a second opinion. Please call today. Tomorrow . . . . . . . . we go one-on-one with Texas Gov. Rick Perry to talk about his controversial prayer rally and his presidential aspirations. Plus . . . . . . . . the crime of the century. He had a double barreled shotgun pointed at me. Four shot, two dead. They sat down and ate the dinner my mom had been fixing. And a victim who wanted revenge. Tomorrow on The 700 Club. Well, most doctors say there is no cure for diabetes. But pharmacist Suzy Cohen who’s with us now says there is a cure, and that's not all the doctors aren’t telling us. Just watch this. Did you know that milk can cause diabetes? And so can white flour. Most doctors believe that if you have diabetes, your only treatment options are close monitoring, a restricted diet, or expensive medications. But in her book, Diabetes without Drugs, pharmacist Suzy Cohen shows you five steps to control your blood sugar naturally. Hey, it's a pleasure to welcome back to The 700 Club, Suzy Cohen. This is an incredible book, Suzy. You've got more stuff in here. How'd you learn all this? I'm your basic, average nerd. It shows in this book, it's incredible. Thank you. Let's talk about this diabetes. There are many people that have it, but I had a dear friend who, I think he started The Diabetes Institute. He died of diabetic problems. Why can't the doctors do something to reverse it? It's so sad; the complications for diabetes or just devastating. And they’re catastrophic when you think about it, like blindness, and amputation. When I was working as a pharmacist in the nursing home—I've been a pharmacist for 22 years, and about 15 years ago I worked in nursing homes. It was just horrible. I just remember patients; they didn't even have limbs. No arms and no legs. And those images really left an impact with me. I don't know why doctors aren't more open to natural cures; because in my book, the cure is in the kitchen. Okay. You talked about white flour bringing on diabetes. Sugar bringing on diabetes. Well, this is a huge secret. A lot of people don't realize that products baked with white flour could actually be causing the diabetes. It’s because in the process of making white flour, which Americans love—we love everything white, a byproduct is produced called “alloxan,” and I describe this in my book. Alloxan is a known toxin to the pancreas. It is used in scientific studies to induce diabetes. And here it is in many of our baked goods. Why is Alloxan there? I mean is there some chemical they use to purify the white flour? It happens during the bleaching process. That's why in my kitchen there is no white, and I recommend that for all of our viewers. Get rid of anything white. That's rule number one. Alloxan in the flour will actually induce diabetes in people? They use Alloxan in lab rats and animals to induce diabetes, so they can check how the drugs work in lower blood sugar. Well, don't you hate it when they talk about enriched flour? It's not enriched at all; it's been deprived. Yeah, I would go with whole-grain flours or if you’re gluten-free, obviously something like rice flour would be better. We've got the food and drug administration, why don't they jump all over this? I think that the studies are out there, and people just need to take their own health into own hands. And we need to eat foods that support us not suffocate ourselves. And stay away from things that are artificial. And I absolutely believe with all my heart that everyone watching can reverse their diabetes without drugs. I believe that. All right, tell me, what do they do, a, b, c? Well, I have a five-step plan outlined in my book. I'll show you step one right here. Step one, is to go green. We hear a lot about that in the media. Everybody's going green. So, going green for diabetes would mean taking green supplements. And by that, they're green because they contain chlorophyll which is a natural dye that we find in every plant. That's why it's green. In the human body, it has been shown and clinically proven to support pancreatic health and reduce blood sugar and detoxify us. And as an aside it can also freshen your breath. Are you going to give me some, that's a hint? No, no. All right. So, you can do it several ways. You can eat spirulina as well as showing down there in the bar. I love those bars. You can take spirulina tablets. And you can buy greens that contain chlorophyll or spirulina, and they’re sold everywhere nationwide. And here's chlorophyll tablets right there. Let me just show you. I won't make you drink it. Well, that's all right. Well, maybe I will. You can drink it after the show. But you just mix some of the powder here. I mix some of that with orange juice. Is that okay? The last time you were here, I went and got some spirulina, a whole big container of it. Yeah, what did you think? Well, it's not bad if you mix it with orange juice. If you don't overdo it. And if you don't like the flavor; the flavor is because of the sulfur. You’ve got it there for me to taste. I guess that's what it's there for, huh? Well, if you want to. I didn't put very much in there, so you should be fine with that. If you don't like the flavor of spirulina, it’s because of the sulfur in there. That's the detoxifying compound. So you can cut it with juice, or you can just take tablets like I do. This is very sweet. Is this spirulina? It’s kind of minty. Yeah. Mine was sort of pond scum. If it tastes like freshly mowed grass, you want a different brand. Or you just want to take tablets. It doesn't taste bad. Okay. You can do tablets as well. I've shown two examples of two tablets. If somebody’s’ had diabetes, could they start taking spirulina or greens, and it will start reversing the diabetes? Are you saying that? Yes, I believe it can. They’ve got to stop white flour, though. Yes they should. They absolutely should. Something else you have in here. People are dieting and they want not to eat sugar. So they want to have something sweet in their drinks and have coffee or tea, or whatever. Your book was devastating on some of the well-known brands. You know, I don't agree with the American diabetes Association on all counts. I think they're doing a good job in certain ways, but I don't agree with all counts. Many diabetes health experts advocate the use of artificial sweeteners for people with diabetes. But remember, diabetes is a problem of inflammation and free radical damage. Artificial preservatives and sweeteners and things of this nature do further damage. They can cause more free radical damage. So with my book, I'm trying to put the fire out, not blow smoke out of a burning house. So, I absolutely believe that people with diabetes should be eating things that come from mother nature in terms of sweeteners. So I have shown, I brought some coconut nectar, some maple sugar that’s dried. Where’s the coconut? The bottle. The bottle, this is coconut nectar? Nectar. It's very sweet. Hey, doesn't that sound nice? You can put some of that in your spirulina drink. That's better than the orange juice. Kills the taste of the pond scum. Okay, all right. So, muscovado sugar or Stevia. How about honey or . . . .? Yes. That’s good? If it comes from mother Earth, I'm good with it. It's okay. Because your body knows how to unstick that. It doesn't stick to your body like an artificial sweetener would. You've got Sweet and Low; you’ve got Splenda, and of course that NutraSweet which is the same substance as wood alcohol, rotgut liquor. The body doesn't recognize this. They can stick to our cells, and they can create some free radical damage. In a big way what I'm saying is, it’s creating more inflammation in the body. In my book, that is not the way to reverse diabetes without drugs, because they're acting like drugs. So, I don't like anything artificial. Sugar is not too good for diabetes, but it would be better to do sugar than to do artificial sweeteners? I think, yes, absolutely. Here's the secret. People with diabetes need to understand that they chase their blood sugar numbers down. I call them “number junkies” in an affectionate way. And all of our medications from the pharmacy can chase those blood sugar numbers down. But, diabetes isn't a problem of high blood sugar. Sugar didn't suddenly give you diabetes. You've been eating it all your life. Your cells need sugar for their very survival. They need the glucose. Diabetes is a problem of inflammation, and the steps in my book actually switch on a gene in the body this kind of asleep, and it causes your cells to suddenly start burning fat and sugar. It switches on an anti-aging gene, and that's the beauty of my book, and that's why it's been given a distinction worldwide; and many physicians now that are seeking board certification in anti-aging and regenerative medicine have to read a few chapters out of my book. The anti-aging, is that like an SR-2, the sirtuin thing? Yes, the sirtuins; you're brilliant, yes. It switches on PGC 1 Alpha, and this is a gene that tells mitochondria in your cells, like the little generator, “go to work. Start burning out fat and sugar. Do it now!” Curcumin is one supplement that does that. Curcumin is tremendous. Yes, the greens do that. Arginine does that. This morning it was Arginine, and also some of the spices do that, too. You see curcumin but other spices. Yes, curcumin is a spice, it is actually the active ingredient into turmeric which is found in Indian cuisine. So eat at that vegetable curry, and vegetable korma, and Palak Paneer, and all that. And that stuff is really good for you? And it's very good. It’s yummy, too. I love that. Hey, you’ve got something, magnesium asporotate. What is that? Well, magnesium I brought, because I have a group of supplements over there that I brought to help lower blood pressure. And often times people with diabetes have very high blood pressure to go with that high blood sugar. So, magnesium is very relaxing in the body. It's helpful for mood. Some studies support it's use in relieving depression to some extent. It makes you go to sleep, sure. And relieving cramps. And also aged garlic. One great study I read showed that aged garlic can reduce your blood pressure by 10 points over a 12-week period. That's phenomenal. And that brand is odorless, too. How about dark chocolate? That's the one that I like. I mean dark, that's the one I'm talking about the real dark stuff. I saw some on your desk earlier before I came in. Was it 72 percent? Yes. Yeah, that’s true. Is that good for blood pressure? I think chocolate is good for diabetes. Diabetes? Not milk chocolate. No, no. The dark chocolate like over 70 percent cacao. Okay. Yeah, there's so much. So we talked about step one. Step two is vitamin D. I just need to spend a moment here on the vitamin D, because one study showed, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it found that raising a person's levels of vitamin D, their blood levels from 25 to 75 could improve insulin sensitivity by a whopping 60 percent. Now compare that to Vi-drug Metformin, one of the biggest diabetes drugs in the world, it can only dispose of blood sugar by a meager 13 percent according to the New England Journal of Medicine. But they couldn’t patent vitamin D and get a big profit on it, so they don't advertise it. Right, and vitamin D3 is very important. There's different forms of D, but D3 is the bioactive one. What dosage would you recommend? I would recommend somewhere between 2000 and 5000 international units per day. That's about what I take. When I take vitamins, my dog whimpers. He wants it. I was giving in vitamin D and somebody said you're not supposed to give dog's vitamin D. So I said, well, it's good for me. But it’s not good for dogs. Maybe he wanted to go for a walk? No, he wanted to eat vitamins. He wanted to drink your drink in the morning. He likes vitamin E, and he likes fish oil. I give them those. Does he like beets? I've never tried beets. Well, I recommend beets for people to lower blood pressure. Beets, beets. Beats, yes. Juice them, roast them, boil them, I don't care. Just get the beets into you. And also while we're on the subject of preventing micro vascular complications which can affect the eyes and cause blindness and also lead to gangrene and lead to amputation, that's why this is very important. We want to eat beets or to drink beet root juice or drink Tulsi tea, which is also known as “holy basil.” Tulsi tea is very sweet. You don't even need a sweetener in it. I like beets, but beet juice is kind of nasty isn't it? No, it tastes good. Beets are sweet. Well, of course, they make sugar out of them, yeah. Yes, exactly. And the Tulsi tea if you want to take a sip, that's sweet on its own. That's raspberry peach. Raspberry peach tea? Tulsi is also known as “holy basil.” It's an herb. And it helps sweep away all kinds of toxins from our capillaries. That just swept toxins away. My capillaries are so grateful. People are sick. They're all over the place. We've got this huge healthcare bill; it's in the trillions of dollars. And what you're showing here is not just for diabetes; it's to keep people healthy. It is. I think it's very important to construct a healthier kitchen. Good health begins one cell at a time and we've really have to be vigilant about what we're putting into our bodies. And set certain ground rules. Again no white. Go green. Consider vitamin D, fiber, and we didn't get to the salt yet, but the salt down there, if you notice, has a little bit of color. No more white table salt. Get rid of it. Sea salt. I use sea salt. That's sugar. One more down. Oh sugar. I'm sorry. I can't reach it. It's down there. The Celtic and the Himalayan. See how they have color? Oh, Celtic. It has color, because it has minerals in that pack. All you Irishmen, look at this. Celtic, I use sea salt; is this sea salt? It is. It is a form of sea salt, but it's actually evaporated sea salt and purified. They haven't stripped it of its minerals. And our body is starving for minerals. It’s one of the reasons we have an epidemic of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. So stick to salts with color, sugars that are natural with color, flours that have some color, that haven't been bleached. Almond flour is a perfect example. What about calcium? Calcium and magnesium kind of go together. Do you recommend calcium for people or not? I do. I absolutely think calcium and magnesium, the “one plus one equals three.” That is particularly helpful in someone with cardiovascular issues or osteoporosis. Mm. And also diabetes, sure. Okay. And getting your nutrients from your foods I think is ideal. The take-home message is to start eating better and if you're not getting seven to nine fruits and vegetables a day—I know I'm not, most Americans are not—then go green. Get some kind of green food supplement in there to provide those for you. Will spirulina make up for the shortage of vegetables in your diet? Well, it's a super food. It can. And chlorophyll. So these, and bars too. You can get bars. So eating better is fantastic, and if you're not going to be as well as you should, then please take supplements. And one last thing. Yeah. Don't ever give up hope. I don't care what they’ve told you. Even if you're scheduled for a procedure, or they tell you you're never going to see again, please don't give up hope. I've worked so hard, I put my heart and soul into this book; and it's been out now for about a year, and I've got the most wonderful letters of gratitude. It is helping people. Don't ever give up hope. Well Suzy, you're the best. Susie Cohen, ladies and gentlemen. Diabetes without Drugs. This is an incredibly well-written book. I was amazed at some of the knowledge that Suzy has and what's in here. It will be extremely helpful. It isn't just for diabetes. It's for people who want to stay healthy. I don't know. I guess I'm counting on another 19 years. If I get to 100, it'll be downhill all the way after that. No, I don't think so. Good things are in store for you. Suzy, God bless you. Kristi, you're next. I am next Pat. Okay, so I'm here in the chat room and check this out. Up next we're going to have your questions. In fact, Christine starts us out and she asks, “Is everyone born with seven demons?” That's an interesting question, and we’re going to answer it, so don't go away. For more information from pharmacist Suzy Cohen, we have a fact sheet available online. It's called “Treating Diabetes Naturally.” To download your free copy, log on to CBN.com. This is the information retailers don't want you to know, especially now. 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Get noticeable natural results with options that take as little as an hour. Call right now and get a free information kit. Looking younger feels great. And now for a limited time only, get a free laser treatment with purchase. A $950 value, yours free if you call now. This offer is for a limited time. Get a laser skin treatment free with your Lifestyle Lift. Welcome back to The 700 Club. The U.S. Air Force has stopped teaching a course called “Christian Just War Theory.” It was part of the curriculum for nuclear missile launch officer is for more than 20 years. It quoted scripture and passages from Augustine's qualifications for just war. The course was taught by Air Force chaplains. A website called “Truth Out,” published a report on the class and claimed it amounted to a government endorsement of religion. An Air Force spokesman says, “The commander decided we needed to have a good hard look at it and make sure it reflected views modern society.” The three men involved in a Baghdad church attack have been sentenced to death by an Iraqi court. The men were found guilty of planning and preparing last October's attack. Al Qaeda suicide bombers held members of the church hostage for hours before blowing themselves up. Sixty-eight people and were killed. Iraqi Christians are a constant target of these groups. Tuesday a car bomb blew up outside of a church in Kirkuk wounding 23 people. You can always get the latest from CBN news by going to our website at CBNNews.com. Pat and Kristi will be back with more of The 700 Club right after this. Tired of watching your weight? Time to stop watching and start losing. Call 1-800-Jenny20 right now for your special offer. Being able to get back on her board after losing an arm is amazing. Intense! Exhilarating! So fun! Comes from your heart. It's definitely a movie that everyone in the family should see. Now on Blu-Ray Combo Pack. To listen to our top songs of the week, go to CBN Radio at CBN.com Well, Linda Cooley is a nurse so when her husband Joe had a flare-up of cellulitis, she knew he needed to see a doctor. But before Linda could finish making supper, Joe was suddenly healed. Crazy right? Well, this is how it started. It was April. I took my first Spring bike ride with my little dog, Sophie. And we just went around the block three or four times. Came back in, and the next morning, swelling started increasing. Pain, there was an increase in pain. His foot was approximately twice the size it should be. There was a lot of information and redness. So, as a nurse I was very concerned about that. Joe does have a history of cellulitis where the tissues to swell. There's a lot of redness. There's, a lot of times, hot to the touch. And symptoms seem like it just kept getting worse. I felt like it was a band that was around my foot cutting off the circulation. It was very painful to walk upon. I went into the kitchen, and I was praying inside of myself, “What should we do? Which physician do we go to? What course of action?” I turned on The 700 Club which is kind of my practice when I come in and fix supper. Pat Robertson was on this segment where they were praying for people and calling out words of knowledge. Somebody has got a swollen foot. Perhaps there's an infection in your foot or your toe, but the swelling is like a bandage wrapped round it. God is healing you right now, in Jesus’ name. He described the symptoms so accurately. And my wife yelled from the kitchen, “Joe claim that.” And I said, “I am baby.” Well, the next morning the swelling started to go down. The pain was gone. The fever had not come back; it left me. And the redness started to go away. Took about, two or three days for it to happen. But when Pat gave that special word, it started to break through. It started the healing process. It’s so dramatically better that I'm so thankful for. God changed the situation. God is all-powerful. That is all caring. God meets our needs, and He intervened. I can do the things of a normal, what a normal person can do now. Well, as before it was very difficult, very painful; and I had to most of the time keep my feet up. It's just a little reaffirmation that He loves us, and He wants to take care of us. And, of course, if God did it for me; He’s no respecter of persons; He'll be able to do it for others also. I love that. I was just sitting here telling Pat how I love to see stories like that and the testimonies of individuals who've had a personal touch from the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, you can do the same thing, and the same thing can happen to you in fact, it has. So we're going to encourage you with folks. Pamela from California. She said, she had a lump in her breast. Last week she heard Pat say, “There’s there's someone with a lump in your breast, and the Lord is healing that right now.” She felt warmth in that area of the lump, then it was gone. I don't know these people. But God knows them. God knows your heart. Here's somebody named Jodi who lives in St. James, Missouri. Playing golf she was hit on her left cheek with the back swing of another golfer. You got to be careful out there on the golf course. She had a big cut on her left cheek, badly swollen. The doctor said it would heal in a couple of weeks, but weeks later her cheek was still swollen. Then on July 1st she heard Kristi give the word of knowledge, “Along your face, is dramatic bruising where there is a situation with your skin. The Lord is healing you.” Jodi claimed the word. By the next morning the swelling was down, and she was healed. Awesome. You want to hear one more? Please! Okay, I've got to say this. This is what is so cool that when the Lord gives a word, it could be for more than one person. This is a perfect example of that. Carrie from South Carolina and Vicki from Pennsylvania both had a cyst on their breast. This last week, Pat, when you were talking about how the Lord is healing someone with a cyst on their breast, not one, not two, but actually three ladies received that word; and for this particular one, it says Carrie received the word and the cyst was gone. And Vicki says, she received a miracle healing, and the cyst is no longer there. So awesome! Can I tell you. You can tell me. We're going to join hands together folks. There's nothing impossible with God. There's nothing impossible with God. We're going to join. Let’s believe God. “Father, in the holy precious name of Jesus, we pray, Lord, that you would reach out now and touch people's lives.” There's somebody has got a problem with the groin. I think it's some kind of a hernia that's there, and right now God is like a hand reaching down and that hernia is being pushed back. There's a healing taking place right now. A miracle is taking place. Kristi. There’s another person, you have some form of fungal infection, and the Lord is healing that situation right now. There's another person, you've been bit by something. I don't know if it's an insect or an animal, but you've been bitten and that has turned into an infection. The Lord is healing that spot. In fact, you place your hand on it right now in the name of Jesus, and his healing power will flow through your body and you’re healed. There is a hand that's been burned. It seems like it's maybe a grease splatter, and some of it might have hit your face. But right now God is healing all that burn, all that soreness is going in Jesus’ name. Just touch those areas that have been affected. Kristi. There's another person, in your mouth, there are some cysts in your mouth, and once again, some form of infection. The Lord is healing that situation right now. For everybody in this audience, may the Lord touch you. May you find a blessing in your life. May you be made whole in Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. And amen. Okay. Fantastic. We've got questions. Oh yeah. Okay, so we opened up our chat room to you from the beginning of the show to now, so we're going to jump in with Christine who says, “I hear that we’re born with seven demons. Is this true? And when we accept Christ, are we free from those demons?” I have never heard that one, Pat. Why in the world—you may have been talking about Mary Magdalene or something, but no you’re not born with seven demons. If you’re born of a Christian household, particularly, there are no demons at all. There might be some generational curse if somebody’s dealing in the occult way back up the line, and somebody’s come to harass you. But no, you’re not born with seven demons. That’s nonsense. What else? Point blank. Here’s a question from Andrew who says, “Pat, you keep talking about Gold as an investment.” You mean the gold that he won’t give me.” Well, right now it’s about $1,700 an ounce. You say it will get up to $1,800 an ounce. If I were to buy now and sell at $1,800, I’d get a six percent return on the investment. That’s not much. Is gold still that great of an investment now? Come off it. Six percent, you’ll get it in about a month. You annualize that, and it’ll be a whole lot more. But when I started talking about it initially, gold was selling for about $600, so at $1,800, that’s 300 percent, three times your initial investment. But what are you going to do with your money? If it’s in dollars, it’s going down. The dollar is losing value. Your dollars aren’t going to be worth very much; it won’t buy as much. I showed this little piece of gold. A few years ago, say 30 years ago or so, you could get a suit of clothes, man’s suit for $250 and maybe some shoes to go along with it. That was the price of an ounce of gold. Now in certain high-end men’s stores, a suit would cost a thousand dollars maybe, and maybe shoes three or four hundred along with it. So your ounce of gold buys the same thing. It just looks like more money. Alright, what else do you have. Okay. Gloria says, “A few years ago, you had knee surgery. Can you tell us what the doctors did, and how do you feel now, Pat. My husband needs the procedure and I’d like guidance.” The doctor I had out there in Chicago, he is awesome. He was absolutely fantastic. The guy has a degree from MIT, so he developed his own special little knee. He got in there, and he cut an opening, and then he took a saw. It was a rotary saw; we had a film of it. He sawed off the arthritic part of that joint, sawed it off. Then he took a big bunch of glue and put this new cap back in there to hold the knee and the joint. That’s three or four years ago, five years ago, whatever. I remember your recovery was amazing. Within about an hour after surgery, I was walking upstairs, and I rode a horse a week after. I mean, listen, if you do it the traditional way, they’ll cut the quad muscles and leave you in agony, and the recovery will take six or eight weeks, a couple of months. Richard Berger, Dr. Berger in Chicago, Presbyterian Hospital. He did a good job. He did a fantastic job. He sure did. Alright, we’ll here’s Robby who says, “As a Christian I believe that murder is wrong, obviously. So how do we as Christians justify someone like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who plotted to kill Hitler? I know that Hitler is bad. But what’s the difference between a mass murderer and, say, an abortionist who I believe kills babies?” Well, in the case of Bonhoeffer, he came to the opinion that Hitler was going to destroy millions. He was. Hitler actually resulted in the slaughter or 50 million people before WWII was all over with. So it’s like somebody who sees an out-of-control car racing toward an innocent mother and children, and he reaches out and grabs the wheel of the car. That’s what Bonhoeffer was trying to do. You say how do you justify it? Well, I don’t think taking out some evil dictator is necessarily a bad thing. But he had prayed about it, and he felt that’s the right thing to do for the greater good. But you can’t use that to justify murder. Murder is not a good thing. Alright. What else. Chris says, “In the Bible, Jesus told the thief, “Today you will meet me in paradise.” The Bible also says that when Christ returns, “the graves open and the dead will ‘meet him in the air’, suggesting that we go into a ‘sleep state’ when we die. What’s true?” “Today you will be with me in paradise,” your spirit. When you die your spirit is going to go to paradise or is going to be in Hades. What the Resurrection is, is the bodies will come out of the earth, and you will get resurrection bodies, and they will be joined with the spirits. The spirits are already where they are. So “this day you will be with me in paradise”; that meant His spirit would be with Him in paradise, not his body. The body will come at the Resurrection when that time happens which is the end of the age. We’ll be talking about prophecy in another few weeks, and I think people want to know some of these things, and maybe I can discuss that in more detail. Hey, tomorrow, we’ve got Texas Governor Rick Perry, interesting guy, potential candidate for president. Today we leave you with these words from 3rd John . . . . . . . . “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” Well, I appreciate everybody being with us today. Thank you so much, and I’m commissioning this young lady to go out and pick up telephone and get the gold, GLD. And I’m convinced . . . . GLD. GLD. And I keep thinking you could just pay that over here. GLD! Pick up the phone, GLD! We’ll see you tomorrow. Bye, bye. The material provided on this Program is for general informational and educational purposes only. No information on the Program is intended as investment, tax, accounting or legal advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any company, security, or fund.  You alone are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, security or strategy, or any other product or service, is appropriate or suitable for you based on your investment objectives and personal and financial situation. Seek the advice of a qualified securities professional before making any investment. Hello, I’m Terry Meeuwsen. Did you know there are more than 148 million orphans in the world today? 148 million. But it was three little girls that taught me about the plight of orphans. Eight years ago my husband and I spent nearly a month immersed in the daily activities of an Ukrainian orphanage as we waited to adopt three sisters. I saw firsthand the utter loneliness, the pain of rejection and the overwhelming desire to be loved. That experience changed me forever, and out of it grew a ministry from my heart called “Orphan’s Promise.” Today we’re helping orphans and vulnerable children in more than 50 countries worldwide. Thousands of children are now in safe homes. They’re being educated and they’re learning life skills. I’m asking you to join with me and become family to these children. Will you call the number on your screen right now, because every child deserves a chance to be happy. Eddie, check out this news story from The 700 Club. It’s a perspective you just don’t see anywhere else. Go to CBN.com . . . . . . . . to “I saw it on The 700 Club for a fast, easy way to see and share your favorite videos.


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