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The 700 Club - May 10, 2011

Dr. Vinson Synan discusses the future of the Charismatic movement in the 21st century and Buddy Jewell shares the story of his rocky road to faith and music success.


Country music star Buddy Jewell. You went to almost every major record label and got rejection after rejection. I went to every one of them. He won a Nashville Star . . . . I knew there was no way I was going to win. I thought every Saturday night I was going to be voted off. . . . . and the fight for his life. It finally helped me come to the point where I could realize I had a problem. Well, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this edition of The 700 Club. While America focuses on the threat of terrorism, Israel may be facing a new danger from radical Islam, a possible war with Egypt. If Muslim extremists take power in Egypt, they may break their peace treaty with Israel, and that could lead Israel to fight Egypt and other powerful Middle Eastern enemies all at once. Julie Stahl has the story from Jerusalem. For decades, Israel faced enemies on the Palestinian front, and Syria and Hezbollah on its northern border. The threat of Iran loomed in the distance. Now, for the first time in 30 years, Israel could be facing war on its southern border. They didn’t have to build up a capability to counter the military in Egypt. That’s no longer the case. After four wars, Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979, but since the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in February, the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for an end to the treaty. A recent opinion poll showed a majority of Egyptians favor such a move. Yaakov Katz, military correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, says Israel may have to build defensive or even offensive capabilities in the south. And that means increasing the defense budget. That means adding new fighter jet squadrons, new unmanned aerial vehicles, more tanks, more armored personnel carriers, new divisions. So it’s a complete new change and possible revolution for the military. Egypt is one of the strongest militaries in the Middle East. It has more tanks and soldiers than Israel. It has the fifth largest squadron of F-16s in the world, the Abrams tank, harpoon missiles, Apache helicopters, and the largest Navy. It’s a massive conventional military. And I would not want to see what would happen in a war between Israel and Egypt, and I hope that it doesn’t happen. For the time being, Israel is waiting to see how things develop. But Katz says Egypt is already heading towards the extremists. Egypt is strengthening its ties with Hamas, strengthening its ties with Iran. It seems to be on a course of a more radical nature. Israel understands upcoming wars will not look like wars of the past. So what we’re looking at is a future conflict is likely a combination of guerilla warfare in a civilian population, also combined with immense rocket fire like we’ve never seen before. I think what Israel understands, though, is that all of these different players are all working together, led by Iran. There’s Iran. It has its proxies; Syria, Hezbollah and Lebanon, Hamas and Islam and jihad in the Gaza Strip. So the future war will be fought on multiple fronts. Julie Stahl, CBN News, Jerusalem. Well, during previous wars, Israel wiped out the Egyptian air force, just took them while they were still in there airfields. What do you think would happen today, though, because now it’s not just Israel? It would be numerous nations. It’s that Masada complex. Israel is not going to commit suicide. They’re not going to destroy themselves. They have about 400 nuclear weapons, and the Arab nations know that. And if they push Israel to the extreme, Israel will have no choice but to fight back with what it’s got in its hands. It will fight conventional as long as it can, but if it has to, rather than be extinct, be destroyed by these forces; they will drop something in the middle of Cairo. And I think the Egyptian leadership would have to know that. I think the Iranians don’t care, because they think that if the . . . . Well, that ideology just lends itself to not caring, doesn’t it? Well, sure. You’d welcome the coming of the Madhi. So the more people that get killed, the better it is. That’s their theology. But the Egyptians are not that crazy. And I think the Syrians are the same way. They will push Israel so far conventionally, but after a while, the last card, and they all know it. They all know Israel has got a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons and the ability to deploy them. So that’s ultimately what’s going to happen. But I hope it doesn’t come to that, because that is a hideous prospect. Well, Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories from the CBN Newsroom. Lee. Pat, House Speaker John Boehner says billions of dollars in spending cuts aren't enough. He’s calling for cuts in the trillions if Congress agrees to raise the debt ceiling. He says any bill that raises the ceiling needs spending cuts larger than the increase in debt. Congress has to pass an increase in the debt ceiling to prevent the government from a historic default on its obligations, like treasury bonds. Boehner says Congress can not let that happen, but he adds it would be worse not to take dramatic steps to cut spending and reform the budget process. Pat. I salute the speaker. Man, he gets more statesmanlike every day. And he went into the belly of the beast. He went into Wall Street and told those analysts what they needed to hear is that this nation is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, and we cannot continue to spend recklessly. And when he talks about trillions, he’s absolutely right. We can’t just temporize and take a billion off here or a billion off there and still run up a 1.6 trillion dollar deficit. We’ve got to do major surgery. And, of course, the Democrats want to raise taxes, but as many as 50 percent of the people in America don’t pay any taxes at all. So who are you going to raise the taxes on? You’ll destroy the productive sector, and Boehner has got sense enough to realize that’s not the thing to do. So congratulations, Mr. Speaker. Lee. Homeschoolers want the Armed forces to reevaluate their recruiting policy. Right now, the military does not take more than 10 percent of recruits with a non-traditional high school diploma. Some federal lawmakers are critical of that policy, saying the military is behind the times. They point to the growth of online teaching and testing at all levels of education. Members of the House Armed Services Committee are looking into the policy. The Navy is preparing its chaplains now to perform gay weddings and civil unions at base chapels, all part of the repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which allows gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military. The ceremonies will be allowed at military facilities in states where gay marriage or civil unions are legal. But chaplains morally opposed to gay marriage would not be required to perform them. At least one lawmaker is outraged by the move. Representative Todd Akin of Missouri tells the Navy Times, “While a state may legalize same-sex marriage, federal property and federal employees, like Navy chaplains, should not be used to perform marriages that are not recognized by federal law.” Pat. It’s just shocking. They’ve gone from one thing to another. One thing is Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. You let them continue service, but you don’t talk about it and perform sex acts openly. Now, you’ve got to recognize it. Then they go beyond that. The military chaplain, who are they going to marry? You’re going to have a couple of gays in the middle of federal housing on a military base? Come on, this is ridiculous. Lee. Home values have taken their biggest plunge in three years. The real estate firm Zillow published a report, and it predicts housing prices won't stop falling until at least next year. More than one out of every four homeowners is now underwater in their mortgage. That means they owe more on their mortgage than their house is worth. And one out of every thousand homes is now in foreclosure, Pat. It’s time to do something, and the federal policy of, well, don’t let anybody foreclose, don’t let anybody go into default, it isn’t working. And something has got to be done to allow banks to sell these properties at the market value as quickly as they can. And the way to do it is to allow banks to operate with impaired capital. As long as you have these high capital rules, then banks are going to keep these properties on their books at phony valuation, because if they value them down to the market, it will devastate them, so they can’t do that. So there needs to be some regulation and quickly that says let’s get these things out of our hands. Let’s get them off the books. And as long as this overhang of sick property is in the marketplace, the house values are going to continue to fall. So something has got to be done, to flush this mess out of the system, and then start again. But the government doesn’t want to do that. They have made all these patches to try to keep alive what is a failing game. So the time has come to say let’s deal with it. George Bush and his treasury secretary dealt with that some time ago, the Resolution Trust Company. It worked. The failing savings and loan; they moved in and did what was needed, put up the necessary money and made it work. But now the money involved is so enormous. But still, if they allow these banks to operate with diminished capital and not put a penalty on them, I think they can clear this logjam as quick as they can. Lee. Flood watches and warnings are in effect now as the Mississippi River continues to rise and rush towards Louisiana and the Gulf. It’s the result of record snow and rain this winter. Rivers in 31 states drain into the Mississippi and its tributaries. In Memphis, the levee system holding for now, it’s keeping floodwaters away from most neighborhoods in the heart of the city. But downriver, residents in the Mississippi Delta are bracing for the worst. Forecasters say that area could see flooding up to 25 feet. It felt biblical. It felt like 40 days and 40 nights of rain. What’s weird is having this delayed effect. Now that the weather is beautiful, one is waiting still, though, for the floods to actually occur, for the river to crest. Now the river is expected to crest at around 48 feet, just shy of the all time high, which is 48.7 feet. A woman missing for nearly two months was rescued and reunited with her loved ones just in time for Mother’s Day. But the family is now praying for another miracle. Her husband is still missing in a remote desert in Nevada. Mark Martin has this incredible story. Albert and Rita Chretien left their home in Canada seven weeks ago embarking on a scenic drive to Las Vegas. But the couple ran into trouble in a remote area in northeastern Nevada. Their van got stuck in the mud. After three days, Albert decided to go look for help. He never returned. Rita managed to survive the harsh desert conditions alone for nearly two months, several nights with temperatures dipping below freezing. On Friday, hunters spotted the stranded van and found Rita inside. We were praying for a miracle, and, boy, did we get one. She survived by rationing small amounts of trail mix, getting water from a nearby creek, taking fish oil pills, and eating one piece of hard candy a day. But it was her faith that kept her strong. She's a Christian. She reads her Bible every day. She had books she was reading. She had time to think and pray and just prepare for whichever outcome, whether it was to go home to be with her Savior or to be rescued. Rita is recovering in the hospital. Doctors say she was just days from death. We got the biggest miracle we could ever have asked for, and there is still one more to come in. The search is now on for her husband Albert, but bad weather and rugged terrain are making search and rescue efforts difficult. Roads in the area are confusing and hard to navigate and police are not sure which way he was heading. A family who is thankful for Mom's return is now praying for another miracle. We do have faith, and we know that someone else is in control, and whatever the outcome, we can accept that. So again, we're celebrating, but we're also, of course, praying for another miracle and praying that it will have the outcome that we desire. But we also will accept any, whatever it is. We just want to find him. Mark Martin, CBN News. Amazing story, and a lot more people are praying now. A bestselling book about a four-year-olds journey to Heaven will now be a movie. Deadline.com reports that Sony Pictures has acquired the screen rights to, Heaven is For Real. The book tells the story of Colton Burpo who had to have emergency surgery for a burst appendix. After the surgery he began telling his parents that he had been to Heaven, that he had met his miscarried sister and his dead grandfather. His father is a pastor and decided to write a book about it. Colton’s story was featured on programs like The 700 Club and it has become a surprise bestseller, hitting number on the New York Times paperback nonfiction list. Pastor TD Jakes will co-produce the movie, Pat. I think it’s great. We did that series. I gave an invitation and realized when I was talking about Heaven and Hell that people were very interested in life after death. So I told our producers to please come together and let’s do a week of special programs, and we did; and the response has just been tremendous. Well, Colton Burpo is one of the stories. And I love the one, it’s kind of like the guy from the clothes closet, whatever, you’re going to like the way you look. He says, “You’re going to like it. You’re going to like it!” He was a sweet little boy. He went to Heaven. “You’re going to like it!” But anyhow, we’ve got a special coming out on our programs. We have condensed some of them, and it’s going to be a television special; and there will also be a DVD available as a premium to our donors. But we’re working on that right now. It’s going to be very, very important. People want to know that. They do want to know. They want to know what’s going to happen next. Well, we all should know. Yes. Well, up next, images from inside China that you won’t see anywhere else. People who could never walk before begin walking. The blind see. I’ve even witnessed a man being raised from the dead. We see amazing healings and miracles each time we travel. See for yourself the amazing revival taking place in China’s countryside. And then later we’ll Bring It Online . . . . . . . . so now is your chance to visit our chat room. If you have a question for Pat, just log on to CBN.com. Coming up later, country music star Buddy Jewell. You went to almost every major record label and got rejection after rejection. I went to everyone. How he won Nashville Star . . . . I knew there was no way I was going to win. I thought every Saturday night I was going to be voted off. . . . . and the fight for his life. It finally helped me come to the point where I could realize that I had a problem. What makes the miracles of Jesus even more miraculous? Standing where they happened, in Israel. Come sail the sea of Galilee where Jesus calmed a raging storm. Experience Jerusalem where Jesus restored a paralyzed man. Explore Capernaum where Jesus spoke a Centurion servant into health. To learn more about standing where it all happened in Israel, visit www.goisrael.com. Come visit Israel. 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He's made some predictions of what's going to happen in the next 20 to 30 years, and one of them has to do with China. I won't steal his thunder, but he's got good things to say. China's vast countryside is experiencing a powerful move of God. CBN news has obtained exclusive images from inside the country of this amazing revival. George Thomas introduces us to a couple of Chinese evangelists who are witnessing many miracles firsthand. Duan Huilai says these images captured on his home video camera are proof that God is moving in China. This is the first time you are seeing pictures of Christians from the villages openly praising God. Duan gave CBN News exclusive access to hours of video and pictures taken in dozens of locations across China. They show one thing in common: men and women of all ages being touched by the power of God. Everywhere I go I meet people who are hungry for God, and He is showing up. Duan and his wife are full-time evangelists. Since 2003 they've criss-crossed the Chinese countryside sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God called us to focus on the rural areas where life is often very difficult. Difficult, yet simple in many ways. Duan showed CBN News pictures of how people are baptized in rural areas after they've accepted Christ into their lives. Sometimes I baptize them in a river. Sometimes they are baptized in the back of a pickup truck. A couple of times I've conducted baptisms in the shower. Very often we just have to improvise. It was here in the Chinese countryside that Christianity first began decades ago. Most of the rural Christians now are women meeting in either government sanctioned churches or in so-called House churches. The young and older men have moved to the big cities to look for jobs, and so most of those who attend these services are older women. Mind you, sharing the Gospel in China is still forbidden. I was arrested here a number of times. Such Christian gatherings are illegal since they aren't approved by the government. The government doesn't allow people who live in one city to travel to another city. We are mindful of the regulations. Despite the government restrictions, China watchers say what's happening spiritually in the country is nothing short of remarkable. There are still masses of converts everyday in the countryside. It’s is very encouraging. This man, who we will call Peter, has worked with China's underground churches for decades. CBN News agreed to conceal his identity to protect him. But still so many peasants in so many places are coming to Christ in large numbers and the churches in many of those cases are maturing and getting beyond simple evangelism and reaching out to rural minority groups and unreached people groups. Announcer (old news film): Today is communist China's new and global manifesto, militant, menacing. It's a far cry from the dark days of the Cultural Revolution. Fenggang Yang heads the Center of Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University. At that time, all churches, temples and mosques were closed, and no public religious service was allowed. Chinese government data and international surveys now report millions of Chinese people flocking to religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism and Islam. But it's Christianity that's experiencing the most dramatic growth. CBN News obtained this map showing the stunning picture of Christianity's explosion across China's cities, counties and villages. If the current trend of growth keeps the current pace, I think it is likely in the next 30 or 40 years China's number of Christians in China could reach really a high number perhaps similar to the US or Brazil. Duan says the preaching of the Word of God in the countryside is usually followed by miracles and healings. People who could never walk before begin walking. The blind see. I've even witnessed a man being raised from the dead. We see amazing healings and miracles each time we travel. Duan is a walking miracle himself. In the late 90's, he and his wife lived in Budapest, Hungary, running a successful clothing company. We were making lots of money and living the high life. But I didn't know the Lord. I soon realized I needed something more than material success. I eventually gave my heart to the Lord. Six months after he gave his life to Jesus Christ, Pastor Duan was viciously attacked by members of a Chinese mafia team in Budapest. He shows us the knife scars on his back, arms and stomach that he says serve as reminders of God's protection and faithfulness. I was stabbed over fifty times and almost lost my life but I know God spared me for a reason. And this is it. The opportunity to reach the remotes parts of this great land with a message of hope and salvation found in Jesus Christ. I preach in the government-sanctioned churches and house churches, and in both places God is moving in powerful ways. My prayer is that one day everyone in our nation will hear about Jesus Christ. George Thomas, CBN News, Beijing. In a short period of time China will be the largest Christian nation on the face of the earth. There will be more Christians in China than any other nation. It's happening very fast, and I've been there and talked to the leaders of the Chinese government. I explained to them that Christians are not something to be feared, that they should be welcomed, that they will support the government, support law and order, that they're hard-working, good people and that they need to foster Christianity rather than oppose it. Terry. Well up next, country music star Buddy Jewell. I tell people you know, I was coming to Nashville to be the next Garth Brooks, and I thought, “Actually, you’ve come to Nashville for God to sober you up and straighten your life out.” See what it took to straighten Buddy out. That's coming up. Got a question for Pat? Send us yours now on CBN.com. 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You’ll be glad you did. To listen to our top songs of the week go to CBN Radio at CBN.com. When singer Buddy Jewell moved to Nashville, he thought it was to become quote, “The next Garth Brooks.” But after he became a star, Buddy realized that he came to country music’s capital for a different reason. Recently he sat down with reporter Mia Evans to talk about his journey of fame and faith. For Buddy Jewell, winning Nashville Star, the country music singing competition, came as a complete shock back in 2003. I knew there was no way I was going to win. I thought every Saturday night I was going to be voted off. And here I am, this big guy and I’m crying. And I think the first words out of my mouth when they asked me, I said, “I just want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me.” And I meant it. Buddy, the first Nashville Star, instantly topped the country music charts. His debut album went gold with hits like “Sweet Southern Comfort” and “Pour Out the Rain.” (Interviewing): Have things calmed down yet? Yes, they have, sometimes a little too calm for me. But I’ve had some incredible moments in my life, and I’ve been able to step back and go, “Wow, I can’t believe I’m getting to do this.” And it’s all because of God’s blessing. But I truly believe that if God really wanted to, He could create a little TV show like Nashville Star just to give me my break. I think He loves me that much, too. Before his big break, Buddy recorded hundreds of demos for some of country’s biggest names. But after ten years of trying to make a name for himself in Nashville, Buddy hit a brick wall. (Interviewing): And you went to almost every major record label and got rejection after rejection. I went to every one of them. Every one of them. What kept you going, instead of saying, “You know what? Forget it”? Well, looking back, God kept me here. But I would get to the point where they loved my singing but, “you don’t look like a star. You’re too fat. You’re too old. You’re too this, too that.” Something would come along where I thought I was going to get a record deal, and it would renew my fervor and kept me here. I tell people, “I thought I was coming to Nashville to be the next Garth Brooks.” And I thought, “Actually, you’ve come to Nashville for God to sober you up and straighten your life out.” It’s easy now for Buddy to laugh off the old memories of his past. But when he was 17, his parents’ divorce nearly crushed him. It really broke my heart. I felt a lot of shame and guilt. And I don’t blame them for the decisions that I made; because I made those decisions, and that’s all on me. Buddy decided to start drinking. I started like a lot of kids do: peer pressure. Got drunk. Liked, because of the things I was going through at the time, medicating my feelings, pushing it all down. And it worked for a while. Then one thing led to another, and that led to marijuana. And marijuana led to cocaine and other drugs and experimenting with just about anything you could imagine by the time I was 21 years old. He had a job playing in a band and touring the South. But sadly, he doesn’t remember much of it. I spent 13 years of my life that a lot of it’s a blur. I mean, that was all I lived for. And it wasn’t necessarily the drinking. It was just the escape. One night after a show in Texas, his reckless behavior caught up with him. And on the way home, the blue lights came on behind me. And they pulled me over. I was drunk, and I had a little marijuana on me. And took me to jail, stuck me in the orange suit. I don’t look good in orange, by the way. It finally helped me come to the point where I could realize that meant that I had a problem and that I wasn’t the man that God created me to be. Buddy was released the next morning. Two days later, his family packed up and moved to Nashville. There, he joined Alcoholics Anonymous. For a good three years, I was really involved in the program, and it saved my life and my marriage. And I’m so thankful that God put that there for people like me. Buddy committed to live his life God’s way, just as he had done at the age of seven when he first gave his life to Jesus. My walk got closer with Him. God just changed my heart. I don’t have that desire to live that kind of life and be that way anymore. I think that’s made all the difference in the world. Buddy sings about Jesus in his latest single “Somebody Who Would Die for You” which has climbed the Christian country music charts. In 2008 he launched his own label, Diamond Dust Records, and now he’s busy in the studio working on a new album. And I’ve been praying about this a lot. I’ve had a lot of my fans ask me, “Why don’t you do a Gospel CD?” And I’d love to do that, and I think that that may be where God’s actually leading me to go. And if it is, that’s fine with me. Looking back on my life and seeing all the times, some of my darkest moments, when I didn’t care if I saw the next sunrise, and God was there all along taking care of me when I wasn’t taking care of me. I do truly believe that as long as God is involved that there’s hope. He said it right. As long as God is involved there's hope. God is the author of hope. You know, we can't survive without hope. We talked about a woman who survived many days in a car eating some trail mix because she had hope. She had hope in God. There's hope for the future, bright hope, hope for a bright tomorrow. You see, if you know Jesus there is always hope, because there's always something there, and Paul calls it the blessed hope, the blessed hope of the Church. That Jesus Christ will come back again and take us to be with Him. Yes the world can be very dark; it can have gloomy periods. You can have periods of depression and despair, but there's hope. If you know Jesus, you have hope. If you don't know Him, you're without God and without hope in the world. That's what the Bible says, “I was without God and without hope in the world.” Would you like to have hope for the future? Would you like to have something wonderful in your life? If you would, just ask Him. Ask Him. Bow your head right now and pray with me and pray these words, a simple prayer, but very profound. Do it now. “Jesus, I need hope.” That's right, pray with me. “I need hope. And Lord I know that you are the author of hope. And the Holy Spirit will give hope to those who believe in You. So Lord, I surrender my life to You with all the sin and hopelessness.” And I say, “Lord, from this moment on I'm yours. I ask you that you would fill me with hope. Fill me with the desire of love and compassion and hope. Lord, in Jesus’ name, give me hope. Give me your self. I receive you Lord and Savior and Lord.” Now I want to pray for you where ever you are. “Father, in Jesus’ name, Let the power of God touch those right now who prayed with me. Fill them with your Holy Spirit and fill them with the hope of believing, in Jesus’ name, amen, and amen.” Hey listen, I've got something for you. It's called, “A New Day.” It's a CD and a little booklet to tell you what to do next. I want to get you started. I want you to be blessed. This is absolutely free, there's no financial obligation whatsoever, but I want you to call. We'll give it to you free, just call and say I prayed with Pat; I gave my heart to the Lord. 1-800-759-0700. Terry. Well, still ahead we've got to a questions from our chat room. Here's one from Janet who asks, or Judy who asks, “Are the Navy SEALs guilty of murder? We're going to answer Judy's question and many more still ahead on The 700 Club, so stay with us. Brenda, you gotta see the video I saw on The 700 Club. 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It is such a different place, because they give you hope. I would strongly urge you to call them and get a second opinion. Please call today. Welcome to Washington for this CBN newsbreak. The healthcare law backed by President Obama will make its first appearance in a federal court in Virginia today. A three-judge panel at the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments over two cases, one that upheld the law, and another that found a key provision to be unconstitutional. US Justice Department is appealing the decision that struck down the healthcare law while Virginia's Atty. General, Ken Cuccinelli, will be arguing against the decision that upheld it. Cuccinelli says if the appeal isn’t unsuccessful; he will go to the Supreme Court. A spokesman for Newt Gingrich the former Speaker of the House is running for president. Gingrich will make it official on Wednesday. He's been raising money and assembling a campaign team for months. Getting into the race marks a comeback attempt by the former Georgia congressman. He stepped down from the House after four hectic years as speaker. The twice-divorced Gingrich, recently told CBN News’ David Brody, that he is felt compelled to seek God's forgiveness from mistakes he's made in his life. Well to see that entire interview and get the latest from CBN news, you can go to our website at CBN news.com. Pat and Terry will be back with more of The 700 Club right after this. When you look in the mirror, can you imagine erasing years of aging? That's what I used to look like. Lifestyle Lift takes only about an hour. See the difference immediately. I'm Linda. I'm 70 years old. Can you believe it? Call now for a free information kit. It's quick, affordable, and takes only about an hour. Lifestyle Lift, a breakthrough medical procedure that helps remove wrinkles, frown lines and sagging skin. Call now for a free information kit. Consultations are free. Call Lifestyle Lift today. 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Why not you? Tomorrow . . . . If you want to find out how to be successful in the Kingdom of God, this is the way to do it. It's called “the eighth wonder of the world.” This is a fundamental principle of human growth and development. Discover the law of use . . . . I think the most important law of human development. . . . . and learn how to make it work for you. You'll lose what you don't use. Tomorrow, on The 700 Club. Well, we invited you to submit your questions online, and we've got some for you Pat, right now. All right. This is Judy who says, “The Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill,” but what about in war? Are the Navy SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden guilty of murder? Judy, you've mixed a few things up. The Bible says, “Thou shalt not murder.” There were judicial executions in the Bible all the time. People got stoned to death, you know, for various offenses; and there were wars of extermination. In terms of war, you read in Romans, it says, “He that wields the sword, wields it not in vain, for he is a minister of God.” There has to be a police force. There has to be somebody to restrain the evil intention of people. Sometimes the evil intention would be a nation like Adolf Hitler in World War II. There has to be some force, some power to restrain them. And in those conflicts, life is lost. It's just too bad. That is not murder. That does not break the commandment. “Thou shalt not kill” has to do with “Thou shalt not commit murder, and fighting a just war is not murder. All right. This is from Susan who says, “You mentioned the story about a boy who saw Heaven. My question is do we go directly to Heaven when you die? I was told that you go into a sleep-like status to Christ comes. No, that “soul sleep” is one error that's out there. Jesus was talking to the thief on the cross. The thief said, “Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus said to him, “This day you will be with me in Paradise.” “This day you will be with me in Paradise.” That's the answer. When you die, you go into paradise or you go into Hades if you’re going to Hell. Those that know the Lord, that's where it is. But there's no soul sleep. That's not biblical. Okay, here's a question from one of our viewers. It's overspending mishandling God's money? I see a lot of mega-churches run into debt building large sanctuaries, and I would like to know what you think. I think the Bible says, “Do not forsake wisdom.” I think there is wisdom. The Bible talks about wise stewardship, and it also talks about faith. The question is how much is faith and how much is wise stewardship, because Sometimes you can get on the other side of it. But I think in terms of building, we need to build under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. When I was building this, the Lord gave me that Scripture, “The house of the Lord shall be exceeding magnificent.” He didn't want me to build some little shack. So we built something that's right pretty. It wasn’t expensive; I got it very, very, cheaply. Yes, you did. I was the general contractor. We got it cheap. We didn't overspend, and we got it paid for, but nevertheless it is what we needed. The question is, “Do you need something?” Are churches spending money on frills they don't need and just wasting money? That's the question between them and the Lord. All right. Here's a question from someone who signed it “Christ4ever.” She says, “My agnostic daughter says her life is wonderful without Christ and says she doesn't need Him. What do I say to her?” Just say, “Wait till you die, honey; and you tell me whether you need Christ or not. Wait till you get in trouble. Wait till you have an automobile accident and your lying in an emergency room near death. Wait till you have some financial crisis. Wait till your marriage falls apart and tell me you don't need God.” Right now you say you don't need Him, but He holds the very breath you breathe. Without Him, you don't live. All right. This is Michelle who says, “I found out that my fiancé has been visiting porn sites on his computer. He said it was no big deal, because he wasn’t cheating on me. What do you think?” Slip out the back Jack; leave off the key, Lee. Run Michelle, run! Really. Get out! This is a terrible addiction. It's every bit as bad as cocaine and heroin. If he thinks its quote, “No big deal,” it'll get worse, and worse, and worse. You don't want to be having yourself compared to some porn queen, no way. Well, every addict when confronted denies that it's an addiction. Yes, the biggest bunch of liars you ever saw. Coke addicts are the biggest liars, heroin addicts, they lie, lie, lie continuously. But he's not lying, he just says, it's no big deal. It is a big deal. Get out of the relationship. This is Alexis who asks, “Are ghosts real? Do they really roam the earth?” Fallen spirits do. They’re demonic spirits, but I don't believe in ghosts. I think when you die, you die. But I think that there are spirits, so-called familiar spirits, that take on the characteristics of a dead grandmother or something, but it's a demon. All right. This is Kim who wants to know, “My pastor says we shouldn't read the “Harry Potter” series, because it contains magic. But how is that different from the Narnia series which contained the same?” Well, Narnia is different. It's not glorifying magic and the occult. The lady who wrote Harry Potter, I understand, was deeply involved in some of the occult things. Well, at least went to original sources. That's what I had heard that she said it was real incantations that she got from them. Narnia isn't incantations; they go into a fantasy world which the hero is Jesus. The other is not. You don't need to involve yourself in witchcraft and the occult. It's dangerous; it is seductive. It is seductive. All right, thank you. That's all the time we’ve got for today, but good questions. Well, thank you for those questions. I hope the answers helped. Well, today millions of Americans are looking for work, and a few years ago Angel Mendoza was one of them. He not only needed a new job, he needed a fresh start in life. And here's how he got both of them. Angel Mendosa is a chef and a full-time college student. But a few years ago, he went to prison as a meth addict. I got so spun out on the drugs that I totally lost track of what I was doing. After his release, Angel went to live at a rescue mission. And I started getting involved in cooking. And then I started running the kitchen there. The director of the mission told angel about a culinary training program at Victory Trade School which is supported by CBN. This place helped me. It transitioned me into getting back into society by applying those principles and those values that I learned. They let me know what the love of God is, and they’ve expressed it and showed it to me. Through your gifts, CBN can continue helping to change lives like Angel’s. No matter what, I’m always going to give it my best. I’m going to give it my all, not just in education or work, but in my life, with my family. It’s allowed me to know that no matter how hard it looks, nothing’s impossible to overcome, especially when you’ve got God on your side. That's the message that we have the privilege and the joy of sharing with people all across this country, all around the world. You can see it in his face, you can hear it in Angel's voice, God has changed his life. The knowledge of the love of God has been a part of that. We want to thank you, because you have made it possible for us to be there in Angel's life. That's just a little bit of what 700 Club members are doing literally around the world. Will you help us to continue to do that? If you're already a 700 Club member, will you go up to the next club level? If you're not yet a 700 Club member, come on in, join us. It's 65 cents a day, $20 a month, and it makes you a world changer, a life changer for people like Angel. God wants us to reach out to the world with His love, with His mercy, with His grace. So, join us, our number is toll free, its 1-800-759-0700. Just call and say, “I want to join the 700 Club,” and we're glad to have you with us. In fact, our way of saying thank you for caring about others is to send you this latest teachings by Pat and Gordon. It's called “The Law of Expectation,” and we know that this will be a blessing in your life even as you touch and change the lives of other people. So, thank you in advance and welcome to the family of ministries here. Pat. You don't want to miss tomorrow's show by the way. We've got one of the teachings on the secret Kingdom. People's lives have been touched, and we're talking about the most important law in the universe of human growth and development. You don't want to miss it. Well, coming up next, a global movement that started with a handful of people, grew to more than 600 million and still counting. Find out what it is and what's going to happen next. Here at CBN, we see amazing things happen when we stand together. That’s why we want to say thank you to the thousands of you . . . . . . . . who recently pledged to join the 700 Club. Your monthly gift makes it possible to bring crucial help to those who need it most. You help heal the sick, feed the hungry . . . . . . . . and preach the Gospel across America and throughout the world. You’ve brought health and hope to people in desperate need. And changed their lives forever. Just like you did for Manage and his friends in Nepal. Ménage invited his Hindu friends to watch CBN programs. And he and 19 of his friends accepted Jesus as their Savior. Then you sent them Bibles. For some this was the first gift they had ever received. Now they're telling others about what Jesus did for them because you gave. So please watch for this mailing and send in your pledge. This year millions will know . . . . The love and saving power of Jesus Christ. And that only happens, because you were there. It's the fastest-growing religious group in the world, and its members come from almost every culture and denomination, just watch. What started with a handful of Christians in the early 20th century now numbers 600 million people in almost every culture and denomination. Spirit empowered Christianity, also known as the Charismatic Movement, is growing rapidly throughout the world. In his latest book, historian Doctor Vinson Synan, examines the future of Spirit empowered Christianity in the 21st century. This is quite a book, Christianity in the 21st century, Spirit empowered Christianity. Please welcome to the 700 Club a dear friend, former dean, dean emeritus of the school of Divinity at Regent University, his eminence, Vinson Synan. God bless. God bless you, my brother. Hey listen Vinson, I'm going to get right into it. You stepped off a cliff and made predictions. You're an historian, but you laid out a bunch of predictions of things that will happen during this century. I'd like to find out what you had to say, because I think it's very important. ): Well, I think in our lifetime or soon after, over half of all the Christians in the world will be Spirit filled, in all denominations. Half of them. It's now 33%, and it's growing rapidly. So that would be, well over 1 billion people then. Oh yes. Its 614 million now, but that would be over 1 billion people in the next 20 or 30 years. That's what I think will happen. What else? Well, I think the Catholic movement and the Pentecostal movement together will be the two largest forces in Christianity. All right. As they both grow. Charismatic Catholics are growing tremendously worldwide; and in the United States their growing again, because Hispanics and Koreans, and all are coming into the US. What about China? China, as you said earlier, will probably be the largest Christian nation on earth some time in this century, soon probably. About 75% of those are spirit filled which means out of about 100 million Christians in China today, about 75 or 80 million are baptized in the Holy Spirit and exercise spiritual gifts. Incredible. Signs and wonders, as we saw on the earlier segment, is the key to the growth. But this will be the biggest Christian nation on earth. There will be more Christians in China than any other country. That's right. It's growing so rapidly. They have such a huge population, and now nothing can stop the growth. When the Holy Spirit moves nothing can stop the Holy Spirit. What about governments. You have something to say about the leaders of a number of nations. Well, there've already been two or three Spirit-filled presidents of nations, in in Guatemala; and I think as numbers grow, political power flows from huge numbers of population. As two countries have majorities of Spirit-filled people now: Kenya and Guatemala. Really. Brazil is 49%, so the number of people will produce presidents. They will elect presidents. So we'll see more heads of state who are Spirit-filled in the years to come. Well, what about the denominations. You pointed to the Assembly of God. Assemblies of God have been growing. They will have a Centennial in 2014. They are soon, I think, to be the largest Protestant denomination in the world. They’re growing in passing one after another. There at about 60 million in the world today. Assembly of God? In different nations, yes, 60 million. They don't have that far to go to become the number-one Protestant denomination in the world. What about Africa? Africa is the secret weapon of Jesus. In Africa, Christianity is growing by leaps and bounds both as Protestants and Catholics, and mainly with Charismatics and Pentecostals. The struggle between Islam and Christianity is in Africa. The winning side will be Christianity, because of signs and wonders. Islam doesn't have any tradition of signs and wonders and miracles. Mohammed said, “We have the Koran; that's all we need.” But see, these miracles will break through all barriers. And now we see Christianity booming in Africa more than any other place on the earth. Well, Nigeria has huge numbers of people. We’ve seen millions of people come through some of the things we've done. I saw a church building, seats 50,000 there. I saw a camp meeting that holds one million people under roof. Come on! A million people? The speaker has to drive in a car to get to the platform. And they will have a million people once a month, in prayer meetings. In December, this great church, the Redeemed Christian Church of God, will have 4 to 5 million people there during Christmas season. It's the biggest gathering of Christians on the face of the earth. Good grief! Why did this happen? You go back, of course, to the days of Azusa Street. You've got Seymore, a little handful of people; it's amazing. Well, the Lord took the most despised and rejected people on earth, and the cornerstone that was rejected became the chief of the corner. So all over the earth, we call it Spirit-empowered Christianity. The young people don't like the denominational labels, like Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, Charismatics; but they love Jesus, and they love power. So we did a research for this book, and we found that the word empowered is when young people love. We're thinking about the future generations. “The Next Gen,” we call them. Next Gen. And they love the Lord. Well, I'm telling you. You got a thing in here from the Jesus people. What about the young people? They really are on fire for God. Ron Luce wrote a wonderful chapter in here. The young people are just on fire. They're not as interested in traditional things, but they love Jesus, and they love the Holy Spirit. So the key to the future is young people. And power. This, ladies and gentlemen, Christianity—you ought to get a copy. Where do they get it? Is it available now in bookstores? Amazon.com or in Christian bookstores. It'll be a textbook in many colleges and universities. Christianity, in the 21st century, a beautiful cover. Vinson Synan, this is this easy reading. It is it fun to read, what's gonna happen. Vinson, you're challenging everybody. But what a thrill, though. In other words, you're saying God's people are going to sweep the field. Well, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father, and all the kings of the world will become the kingdoms of our Lord, of His Christ; and He shall reign forever. That's what the Bible says is happening right now. Amen. I receive it. Thank you my dear friend. Appreciate you. Get this book; you don't want to miss it, “Christianity in the 21st Century, Spirit-empowered.” Well tomorrow, see how the law of use from the secret Kingdom can revolutionize your life. And today we leave you with these words from Romans . . . . Romans 5:5 “The love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” (NKJV) . . . . “The love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” See you tomorrow. Bye-bye. Tomorrow . . . . If you want to find out how to be successful in the Kingdom of God, this is the way to do it. It's called “the eighth wonder of the world.” This is a fundamental principle of human growth and development. Discover the law of use . . . . The most important law of human development. . . . . and learn how to make it work for you. You'll lose what you don't use. Tomorrow, on The 700 Club. A humble Shepherd . . . . Who am I to lead your people out of Egypt? . . . . and an evil King . . . . Speak up, insect! . . . . battle over the future of a nation . . . . Tell your people I will never let them go! . . . . in the latest Superbook episode. Voice of God: “You must lead my people, Israel, out of Egypt.” Let my people go. Come explore with Chris . . . . Didn’t see that coming! . . . . Joy . . . . I’m not good in these kinds of situations. . . . . and Gizmo . . . . Maybe I should try my magic card shuffle. As they discover how God does amazing things through ordinary people. For your gift of $25 or more, you’ll receive Superbook’s newest DVD Let My People Go, the original Superbook Exodus episode and trading cards. Your gift will help create future Superbook episodes and bring God’s Word to the next generation. Cool! Alright! It’s super power for super kids.


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