Dr. David Jeremiah: Confident in Chaos

Never before have there been such jarring headlines, distressing news and slumping world economies which have caused people to be on edge.  American investors lost $6.9 trillion in the stock market in 2008, which is one half of the total weath of the United States.  In 2009, 30 percent of the Forbes magazine list of billionaires dropped off.  The net worth of households fell by $11.2 trillion in 2008, and we have seen the steepest decline in the housing market since 1951 and in stocks since 1946.  The best of times have become the worst of times.  Dr. Jeremiah says that in the middle of these chaotic events and a volatile economic future, people can continue to live a life of confidence and commitment.  “We serve a loving heavenly Father who wants us to know that this world and its troubles will not last forever,” he says. 

Dr. Jeremiah reminds us that in the midst of these troubling times it is important to stay calm.  “The Bible tells us that we have a God who calms the storm.  In John 14, He tells us, 'Let not your hearts be troubled,'” says Dr. Jeremiah. 

As we attempt to move through these chaotic days, it is important to remember that we cannot place our faith in any of this world’s establishments or institutions.  “As we wait for His return, we trust Him to care for our every need,” says Dr. Jeremiah. 

When the bottom falls out of the economy as our world has just experienced, Dr. Jeremiah says two equal and opposite reactions usually occur.  One is the hardening of the heart, fueled by cynicism and despair.  People think it is time to take care of their own.  The rest of the people are on their own.  The other response is where people try to bring hope to a hurting world.  “It is important to protect and even extend our spirit of compassion,” says Dr. Jeremiah. 

Don’t keep your eyes on yourself.  “There are so many people who have it worse than you.  Don’t be so self-absorbed,” he says.  Ask yourself, "What can I do to engage them and help them?"  When we get self-absorbed and hunker down, we begin to lose hope.  During these times, we are to love and to take our love to a new level. 

Dr. Jeremiah says his dad used to go to the hospital to encourage patients whenever he was down.  “When you are hurting, find someone else who is hurting and help them,” he reminds us.  “There is nothing you can do to make the problems go away, but you can learn to live in the midst of them.”

Stay confident in the Word of God.  When you read the Word of God, you are doing more than reading words.  You are taking in life.  Dr. Jeremiah says when the world is in crisis, the Bible holds the answers we all need. 

One day, Dr. Jeremiah was preaching a message on Revelation over the radio, one of the most difficult books in the Bible to understand.  A man named Brad Borders was listening.  He was a young man who wandered aimlessly through life and was an atheist.  The message in his head clicked.  There is a God.  Brad prayed to receive the Lord into his heart.  Brad went through seminary, was ordained as a pastor and enlisted as a chaplain where he has led more than 700 soldiers to Christ.  When Brad came to the radio station to tell his story, Dr. Jeremiah asked him, "Why as an atheist would you listen to someone teaching Revelation?"  Brad said, “I didn’t believe anything you were saying but you sounded like you did.” 

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