EXCLUSIVE Secretary of State Pompeo Takes on the Squad: 'They Blame America... That's Deeply Troubling'

CBN's David Brody: I want to ask you a little bit more broadly about foreign policy, I know Joe Biden has been critical, I know that’s politics, but Joe Biden’s been critical of this administration’s foreign policy. And then we have the “squad,” that we hear so much about. A lot of what the President has said, anti-Israel rhetoric coming from these folks. What do you make of that as Secretary of State, and what that message sends to folks around the world especially Israel, but some of our allies?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: Look, when a handful of members of Congress say things that are in the tone of the fact that they blame America for so much of the trouble in the world, that’s deeply troubling. As I stare at the problem set, whether it’s work that we’re doing in the Middle East, or work we’re doing to solve the problem of HIV/AIDS in Africa, or the reconciliation effort that we’re underway with in Afghanistan. I watch America, I watch its motives. We are a force for good in the world, not a force for evil. We are not the cause of these conflicts and I hear these member of Congress talk about this as if America had generated this trouble and to blame America first for these things is deeply inconsistent with not only our founding and our tradition, but with the facts on the ground.


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