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'Fireproof' Book Transforms Marriages

The book used in the movie "Fireproof" not only impacted the marriage in the film, but also changed couples in real life.



The faith-based film, Fireproof, was the surprise blockbuster hit of 2008, and much of its success can be attributed to The Love Dare, a book used in the movie. The book has been on the New York Times Best Sellers' list for months, and is now revolutionizing the way couples look at marriage and love. Fireproof's creators, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, say the idea for the book was birthed at the same time as the movie. RELATED STORIES: 'Fireproof' Wins Most Inspiring Movie Award 'Fireproof' Actor Talks about DVD Release Georgia the New Christian Hollywood? 'Fireproof' Surprise Hit of Fall Season "We were praying specifically for an idea and movie plot that would impact culture [and] not just be an entertaining family-uplifting film," Alex Kendrick said. "We wanted something that would start a national dialogue." In the movie, character Caleb Holt receives the book The Love Dare from his father. It's a devotional that takes him on a 40-day journey, daring him to perform simple and not so simple acts of love for his spouse each day. In the film, the book helps Caleb save his nearly destroyed marriage. In real life, the book is not only saving marriages, but making good marriages even better. Ken Bevel, who played Michael, the best friend to Kirk Cameron's character in Fireproof, took The Love Dare challenge with his wife of 12 years, Lauana. "I'm a very, very busy person. So when it called for me to actually sit down and listen to my wife, that caught my attention, and I try to do that more than anything else," he said. Ashley's also been doing The Love Dare with Frank, her husband of 10 years. She says the hardest part was day one, which asks you not to complain or say anything negative to your spouse. "The hardest thing is to keep your mouth shut," she said. "If something negative comes along, to not say anything, and for me and for most women that is very hard." Frank said The Love Dare is taking their good marriage to a whole new level. "I was watching her and the difference in her putting forth the effort made in our marriage, I can't tell you the great affect that that had," he said. The Kendrick brothers say it really comes down to loving your spouse the way God loves us. "The whole idea of Jesus in John 15:9 saying, 'As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you,' that's what a spouse should be willing to say," Stephen Kendrick said. "Marriage is hard, but wonderful," his brother added. "Writing the book was like self-surgery." Stephen agreed, saying a godly marriage is "a very powerful witness to other people." "I know that the Lord is preparing His bride and as we're getting our houses in order He's setting up His church to brightly shine the Gospel to a lost world," he proclaimed. Want to "fireproof" your marriage? Read more about The Love Dare.


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