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Inside Edition's Megan Alexander Talks Faith and Purity

“Early in my life, I decided I wanted to approach marriage in the best way I could” says Megan. She prepared herself in the best way she knew how. While Megan was strong on her principles, she worked hard on her career. She served as student body president of her college, worked radio and television jobs, volunteered, traveled the country, cultivated hobbies and stayed involved in church. While other teens her age were getting into trouble, Megan was busy chasing her dreams.

Megan decided to stay a virgin until she got married. She knew this decision was not popular and went with it because of her faith. Megan was brought up in a Christian home, where her father taught her to value her body. He also taught her to look for a guy who would value her for who she was on the inside. She decided that she wanted to keep her body holy and decided not to have sex before marriage.

Megan says, “we should never just do what our parents tell us but we should find our faith and claim it for ourselves.” When Megan was in seventh grade, she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior, and became a Christian. Since then, she has been strong in her principles and helped teenagers find their faith. She decided to speak openly about her choices so that young people can be bold to stand strong in their values as well.

Megan says, “I am reminded everyday in my industry just how unpopular this decision is.” Megan wanted to follow through with staying a virgin as a reminder of her self worth. She says she valued her body and did not want to share it with someone who did not respect her decision. Megan has never wanted sex to be a material thing but she wanted to share it with someone who would be a partner and teammate for life. She wanted sex to be what God had intended it to be.

Megan says she was friends with her husband first, and after he became a Christian , they started dating sometime later. When they were dating, they made sure they agreed on not having sex before marriage. Although Brian, her husband was not a virgin, he recommitted to purity with Megan.   He valued their relationship for more important things than sex. Megan says that was essential for the relationship, especially with trusting each other. This also made dating easier. Five years after dating, they married.

Megan says their first time was not like the movies, but one beautiful thing that Brian said to her was that they had all their lives to work on it. Megan really appreciates her husband for being supportive through that and says that helped her understand the worth of everything. She says life has not been a fairy tale since then. They have their bad days but always found a way to figure out things and live happily. She says her husband has been a rock with all her life choices.

Megan encourages teenagers and kids by sharing her life decisions with them.  She hopes this help them fight insecurity about staying a virgin and boost their self-value.

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Correspondent to "Inside Edition"

Newscaster at “Inside Edition”

Hosts the Inspirational Country Music Awards (ICMS) each year

Member of the Country Music Association

Media consultant and emcee to various clients/events

Married to Brian Cournoyer, one child


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