Organization Offers Free Treatment Services for Frontline First Responders, Medical Workers During COVID-19

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Tim Barclay heads up the organization "Collateral Damage Project", or CDP, to help veterans battling post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and depression.

Now, CDP is offering treatment, which is free of charge, for frontline first responders and medical workers in the battle against COVID-19.

These men and women are "fighting anxiety, depression, and challenged by the difficulty of coping with these unprecedented circumstances."

Dr. Barclay says the organization was originally created to assist veterans with getting the proper care they needed to overcome stress anxiety.

"In light of COVID and what's been happening since March, the research is still coming out and it's relatively new," he added. 'When we look at first responders and healthcare workers, their exposure to COVID is far higher than the general population because they're treating these individuals."

For more information on Collateral Damage Project, click here.





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