Pres. Trump 'Dialing Back' and 'Distancing Himself' from Supporters after Controversial Chant

President Donald Trump has disavowed chanting at a campaign rally in North Carolina that’s been called “ugly,” “inappropriate,” and “hurtful” by fellow Republicans.

“I think it’s a real interesting move to try and distance himself from his supporters,” noted Jeff Mason, who covers the White House for Reuters and reported on the Trump rally in Greenville, North Carolina Wednesday night.

Mason offered CBN News his characterization of the event and the fallout after a preceding interview on Faith Nation with White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley.

“I would quibble with a couple of the things that Hogan said,” Mason countered, challenging Gidley’s assessment that “it was tough to know what they were chanting for quite some time.”

“I don’t think it was hard to tell what they were chanting. It was very clear what they were chanting,” Mason said. “The chant that they were using was inspired by the president’s tweets.”

CBN News Chief Political Analyst noted that Trump’s body language signaled his unease, which prefaced his public disavowal.

“What we saw today I think was a dial back, surprisingly, from this president. Basically, the Drudge headline now is ‘Trump takes on MAGA.’ When do you ever see Donald Trump back down to a degree and say, ‘Hey, my base was wrong?’ I think that, in itself, is interesting and somewhat of a headline.”

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