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Why financial planning? A common saying states: "Let go and let God." The implication is that Christians need not be concerned with the day-to-day affairs of this life. After all, didn't Jesus himself say that we should not be concerned about mundane things, but that God would care for us? In fact, didn't he describe those who were preoccupied with such things as finances as being "of little faith."

Yes, God does expect us to trust in him to meet our daily needs. But the Bible also refers to the Christian responsibility to administer faithfully our God-given assets. Paul said that if we do not work, we should not eat. He said, too, that the responsibility to provide for our families rests on us, not God, and that if we do not support our loved ones, we are worse than pagans.

How do we balance these seemingly contradictory ideas? Why should we work if God is going to provide miraculously everything we need? The solution is actually simple. God, who has promised to supply all of our needs, has also commanded us to work. The apostle Paul worked and directed others to follow his example. He even said that we should not associate with those who refuse to work!

God provides for our needs, in large part, through the stewardship of his creation. Stewardship includes working and carefully planning for the future for those times when we are unable to work or when needs rise above our income. Planning for the future is thoroughly scriptural. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, wrote that the prudent see danger and take refuge and that the wise store up for a time of scarcity. Furthermore, the Bible promises that we will be blessed if we follow the ways of wisdom.

Therefore it is imperative that mature Christians be firmly grounded in the scriptural truths of financial planning. "Finances By The Book" summarizes God's wisdom regarding stewardship of finances and other material possessions. Topics covered include the Christian stewardship attitude and plan, and Christian estate planning. From your study you will discover the laws of financial management that will enable you, with practice, to administer your assets to the glory of God and to the building of the church. In addition, using the materials presented, you will be able to teach others the scriptural truths of faithful stewardship, so that the truth of God might bear fruit in an ever-widening circle.

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