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Marriage by the Book

Marriage is the most basic of human relationships. It is within marriage that individuals have their emotional, physical, familial, and financial needs met. All too often, however, the institution of marriage is used as a legal sanction for exerting one’s own rights over another, to insure financial security at another’s expense, or to provide self-identity within society in general. The world regards marriage as a social or humanly-created institution. This view is the root of the problems in human relationships today. Because the world’s solutions to these problems are not based on biblical principles, they are doomed to fail.  

God’s way is far different. Marriage is a mystery, and God himself is the solution. Marriage, as he created it, is the union of two separate persons into "one flesh." Each partner finds satisfaction and completeness in the presence of the other and of God. This fundamental principle concerning marriage must be understood for the relationship to be successful, rewarding, and pleasing to God. God himself established marriage; he himself determined the boundaries of the relationship. We can therefore expect guidance from his written Word, support from fellow believers, positive role models in the church, and, especially, ever-present help from the Counselor within. Ideally, strength, wisdom, love, and empowerment are available to every believer willing to live God’s way.  

In this Living By The Book course, the scriptural foundations for marriage will be explored. The practical application of these biblical principles will be emphasized to provide clear direction for conforming to God’s Word. "Marriage By The Book" does not attempt to study comprehensively every aspect of the marriage relationship. Rather, it outlines scriptural principles in such a way that they may be applied to any marital situation. The ultimate intention of this course is to prepare you for and sustain you in a lifetime Christian marriage.  

Note: Please do not skip over a section just because it may not pertain to your particular situation. Each section is based on scriptural principles and therefore imparts life. You may not need these at the present moment, but they may be just what your friend, neighbor, child, or Sunday school class needs to hear.

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