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Destroyed by Conflict in Ukraine

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Debbie White - 700 Club Producer

For three months last year, the village of Slavyansk in East Ukraine was held captive by pro-Russian separatists. In the wake of the fierce battles, many people were left homeless and without hope.

Alexey and Olga Sukhoparaova and their three children were away when a shell destroyed their home. 

Olga remembers the shock and pain she felt when she saw her home burning. “We ran back and saw our house in flames. We immediately realized that we wouldn’t be able to save anything. In the blink of an eye we were left without a roof or clothing or any of our belongings.”

They even lost their livelihood; Olga’s sewing machine and Alexey’s construction tools were destroyed in the fire.

Alexey asked his neighbors for help, but they said ‘We can give you just a shovel!’

The couple didn’t know where to turn. Alexey was despondent, “There was no one there to help me.  No one.”

When CBN’S Orphan’s Promise heard about the great losses suffered by the   Sukhoparaova family, help was soon on the way. Neither Olga nor Alexey imagined “help” would mean a brand new home. On New Year’s Eve, Alexey and Olga rang in the new year with a joyous housewarming. 

Later, as Alexey snuggled to read a bedtime story with his daughter, he said, “The house is ideal – warm, good, cozy, and nice.”

The family received all the furnishings to make their new house a home. They were also given new tools, so they can find work. Alexey says his family would have gone hungry if not for the new tools for work. “I would have not been able to do anything without these new tools.”

The couple was so moved by the generosity of Christians, they both accepted Jesus Christ and were baptized.
Following the service, Alexey said, “I’m very glad that my soul is opened now and my heart is the Lord’s.”

Olga’s heart was overwhelmed with gratitude for the help her family received. “We are very thankful for everything that has been done for us because we have never experienced such kindheartedness before. We were helped by people who didn’t even know us. Thank you.”

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