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Benny and Sara Kirtley love to talk about the good old days. They say God always saw them through, especially when it came to tough financial seasons, like years ago when Benny was in his 50’s and found out he had heart problems. 

“I was in a very stressful job, I knew that if I didn’t quit, I’d die,” Benny recalls.

He had to get a pace-maker and go on disability, which drastically affected the couple’s income. Around that time, the two became Christians, and Benny heard God speak to him about giving right away.

“He said, ‘Hey, you start giving and I’ll start giving,’” recounts Benny.

Sara adds, “We talked about it, but to be honest, I didn’t know where it was going to come from.” 

Still, in the midst of the financial uncertainty, the couple chose to trust God with their money, and they tithed for the first time.

“And when we started tithing, things began to change, really for better,” Benny says.

Sara went from part-time to full-time work, making more than she ever had. Even when that job ended-- with Christmas coming up and no food in the fridge-- the Kirtleys believed God would somehow intervene because they’d been consistently tithing.  

Benny remembers, “We got on our knees, and He heard us. I know he did.”

“And there was a woman at church who heard we didn’t have any money, so she hands a check to our pastor and it was for $250,” Sara shares. “That is when Benny and I understood that no matter what you get, it came from God. And He was saying, ‘I got your back. You’re going to have food on the table for Christmas.’” 
They immediately gave 10% of that $250 to their church. And God kept providing in the midst of Benny’s health challenges. He got a paper route and helped a neighbor remodel his home, while Sara landed some interior decorating jobs. Then, they fulfilled a longstanding dream and opened a very successful restaurant, always tithing from their income. Even when they finally retired, they decided to tithe on their social security and any additional income they received.

“We found out we could not afford not to tithe,” Benny says.  

Sara adds, “It’s easy. He promises in scripture that He will give us more.”

On top of tithing, the Kirtleys started giving to CBN. 

Sara explains, “We got to where we were really interested in what the 700 Club was doing, and it touched our hearts: medical, surgical, building homes, setting up businesses for these people, communities. These are people that need help, and children, they’re becoming orphans. And Benny said, ‘Do you want to start tithing to 700 Club?’ and I said, ‘Can we do it?’ And he said, ‘Can we not?’ So, we did.” 

The couple has increased their pledge to CBN several times and has given generous one-time gifts, as well.  

“We’re dedicated to helping other people through the 700 Club because I think it’s one of the few things he asks us to do after we accept Him...is to further His kingdom,” Benny expresses. “That’s important, really is.” 

Sara declares, “Giving to the 700 Club is giving to the world. 700 Club are my feet. They’re walking it there. All I’m doing is helping write the check.”  

Now in their golden years, they challenge others to tithe, to give to CBN, and watch what God will do.

Sara states, “He’s just asking us to do our part.” 

Benny suggests, “Just think about it, pray, let God lead you and guide you. That money is not ours, it’s His.”

Sara concludes, “You can’t out give God… you cannot!”

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