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Escaping an Abusive Mother

Debbie White - 700 Club Producer

To 12-year-old Yulya of Kryzgstan, happiness is having a new home.  

Yulya says, “I have food, I have clothes, and I am loved.”

But just three years ago, Yulya was neglected and abused by her alcoholic mother. Yulya cries when she remembers her past, “My mother didn’t feed me. She would scream at me, and then beat me.  Sometimes my punishment was to kneel in the corner in a pile of salt.”

When social workers in Krygystan heard about the cruelty endured by Yulya, they placed her in a girl’s home supported by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. Lyubov, a caretaker in the home, remembers when nine-year-old Yulya arrived.

“Yulya came to us as a traumatized child. Her eyes were very sad, and she cried often.”

But after several months, Yulya wasn’t crying anymore.

Yulya says, “The people in the home were so kind. They cared for me as if I were their own child. They introduced me to Jesus.”
As Yulya’s relationship with Jesus grew stronger, she asked him to fulfill the deepest desire of her heart.

Yulya says, “I asked Jesus to send me a family of my own, a mother and a father, a brother and even a dog.”

In a nearby city, a young couple that works with Orphan’s Promise, was praying to adopt a child. When they visited dayspring girl’s home, they knew that child was Yulya.

Yulya says, “I had a feeling at once that they wanted to adopt me and then it happened!”
Now Yulya has everything she prayed for; loving parents, a baby brother, and…her own dog.  

Yulya says excitedly, “My mom and dad are good and kind. They love me, we play together, and they read the Bible to me.”

Anton, Yuliya’s new father says, “Our prayers were answered too, when God gave us Yulya.”

Ulyana, Yulya’s new mom adds, “We want Yulya to know true joy and all the love and warmth our family can provide.  Thank you for making this possible.”
Yulya says, “Thank you for helping me at the children’s home. And for helping me find my new parents. I have my own family now...and it’s forever.”

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