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Facing Eviction With Five Boys to Feed

Alishia Poss is a single mom of five. Even with a full time job there was a time when providing for her family was a real struggle.

“Financially it was very hard,” says Alishia.  “I was in a job where I wasn’t making very much money at all.”

Alishia was behind on her bills and facing eviction.

“I felt like a failure because I couldn’t provide for my children financially the way I needed to,” remembers Alishia.

Then she heard about Operation Blessing partner Joseph’s Storehouse.  When she went there, she didn’t know what to expect.

“They came out with this huge wheelbarrow just overloaded with food, with meats, vegetables, and sweets for the kids,” says Alishia.

“It’s a lot of food that we give away,” says Bob Evans from Joseph’s Storehouse. “We just fill them full of food.”

But Alishia doesn’t just get food and household supplies there.

“The best part to me was the prayer room because they asked if I was close to God, and they pray with me about anything I needed to, and they do that every single time,” says Alishia.

During one of those sessions, they prayed for a better job for Alishia.  On her next visit to the Storehouse, she had something to share.

“They asked how the job search was going, and I had great news to tell them,” says Alishia. “I found a wonderful job that has better pay and I can finally support my boys, so much easier than before.”

With a stable job and food on the table, Alishia can spend more quality time with her children.

“I’ll help my oldest with his homework,” says Alishia. “Me and my boys for fun sometimes we go to the park, and we’ll watch a movie and sing to Frozen… we go to the park and we’ll chase each other and swing around.”

Alishia says she wants people who give to Operation Blessing to know that their support makes a difference in families like hers. “That makes me feel great knowing that I can provide for my kids that way, and having help from operation blessing and joseph’s storehouse, it helps tremendously!”

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