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Football Injury Can't Best This Father

Tim Smith - 700 Club Producer

As a freshman in high school, Dominic was a defensive back on his football team.

“Out of nowhere the offensive tackle came up and hit me,” says Dominic. “And as he hit me, I was falling and twisting my knee. And he fell on top of me. I felt a pop and almost like a tear. And I got up and I was limping, I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m good. No, I’m going to stay in.’ And the following play was the next same play. Except when I cut to go towards the running back, my knee gave out and it was just—I’ve never experienced pain like I did at that moment.”

The excruciating pain would not go away. The next week, Dominic went to several doctors, but MRIs and CT scans didn’t reveal any tears, damage or anything else that could be causing the pain.

“It was devastating. Knowing that the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong and you know you have this pain every day. It would hurt, yeah, especially when I got up, if I was laying down. When I got up and started walking, it, you know, you just kind of have that pain where you try not to put pressure on it. You just kind of flinch.”

He never went back to playing football, as he endured the pain for nearly four years. Then one morning, he was watching The 700 Club.

“And I went out there and just in time for the word of knowledge. And I heard the word of knowledge saying… Someone else with a sprain in your right knee, and God has heard your prayer, and He’s taking away that pain, and that numbness. And He’s just restoring that joint to what it originally was. He’s healing you now in Jesus’ name.”

“I claimed that that word of knowledge was for me, and I was able to get up and just hop on my right leg up and down, as hard as I could, as high as I could, without any pain. I wasn’t able to hardly walk on it earlier. It was a fantastic feeling. I was overwhelmed with joy and just the love of God. I’m now able to play church flag football now. I’m able to run, I’m able to work out. I’m able to do everything I used to be able to do. I can go on hikes, I can go on long walks. I can run.”

Those high school days are behind him now. Today, Dominic and his wife, Rachel, love spending time with their little girl, Isabella.

“I’m able to run around with my daughter and have fun. I also enjoy going out to the mountains and do a lot of shooting with friends and family and just be able to live life.”

And Dominic loves to share what God did for him, and what He can do for others.

“He can heal. And those who don’t believe God can heal, trust Him. Put your trust in Him and challenge Him in that. Challenge, say, ‘God, I want a healing.’ He’ll come through.


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