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God Answers Unsaid Prayer

Angel Camden lived without the ability to produce saliva for over a decade.

“My mouth was just extremely dry, and I suffered with it for more than a decade.”

She continues, “I would wake up in the morning and my lips would literally be stuck to my gums and I would have to go and just rinse and rinse and rinse with water. I kept water on my nightstand. I took a bottle of water with me everywhere I went.”

She began to feel like there were no options, “I did speak with my physician who suggested that I speak with my dentist. And my dentist gave me a few options through the years and I did try things, but nothing was really successful. And I just thought that it was something I was going to have to live with.”  

This made it very difficult for her to eat, “It was stressful when I was eating, I was very concerned that I was going to choke, I would chew very slowly, very small bites, almost like a toddler, and would wash down every bite with a drink of water.”

One day God changed everything, “I was in the carpool line at my son's school, and I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone. And whenever I see a post from ‘The 700 Club’, I always stop and pray along with them."

And on this day, Terry was praying, “You have like a, an unbelievably dry mouth all the time, it affects the way you are able to eat, the taste of your food.  God’s healing that for you right now, your saliva (is) just going to begin to produce again and you’re going to be back to where you were before.”

Angel excitedly states, “I just started going, 'Oh my Lord, that's me! That's me!' And I prayed along with her. And by the next day I woke up completely normal.  I jumped up and went straight to my knees and said, 'Thank you, Lord. Praise you, Jesus.'"

“I was actually saying to Him, 'Lord, I never even thought to pray about this. I just thought it was something, a minor inconvenience that was major to me, that I was just going to have to live with and suffer through. And it never even occurred to me to give this to you. And thank you.' I just kept saying, 'Thank you. Thank you. Praise you, Lord.'"  

This unexpected gift from God changed her view on prayer, “I now understand that He cares about every teeny tiny detail of our lives, not just the big things, not just the major things. He loves us. He wants us to be happy. He wants us to be healthy. He wants us to feel good all the time and everything that bothers us matters to Him.”

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