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A Godwink Christmas – Meant for Love

Best-selling authors of the Godwink series with more than 1.5 million books in print, latest
Godwink Christmas Stories, (Howard Books, paperback-2019)

SQuire: Former ABC television executive, 20 years
Oversaw (and named) Schoolhouse
Rock series, and the ABC Afterschool Specials
Led Good Morning America to #1 spot
Author of When God Winks series
Godwinks is in it’s 5th season as a regular feature on NBC’s Today Show.  

Louise: Known as one of the world’s greatest comedic impressionists
Co-starred with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway in sold out performances for fifteen seasons, Popular
Woman of Faith speaker
Hosted a daily talk show on ABC Family Channel for eight seasons,
Living the Life

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After last year’s A Godwink Christmas met with rave reviews and an audience of 12.5 million viewers, Hallmark quickly decided to produce another Godwink movie for 2019, to SQuire and Louise’s delight.  A Godwink Christmas II - Meant for Love tells the true love story of Alice and Jack Totah from one of the first of the twelve Godwink books, and stars Cindy Busby, Benjamin Hollingsworth, and once again, Kathie Lee Gifford.  Shot in Canada, the film revolves around a “chance” meeting between Alice and Jack, each of whom has been disappointed by failed relationships.  They talk for hours and discover that they’ll be attending the same out-of-town wedding the next day.  Jack suggests they make the eight-hour trip together and they hit it off!  Alice is sure she’s found the man she wants to marry, but wonders if Jack will feel likewise when she tells him she has multiple sclerosis.  

Louise says this story incorporates elements that give it great depth, such as the characters’ faith, prayer, and Alice’s health challenge.  “It’s not just romance,” she adds.  There’s also an unexpected, heartwarming surprise near the end that they assure no one will see coming, as well as photos of the real couple, from when they met and now.  During the shooting, Cindy and Benjamin mentioned how much they’d love to talk with the real Alice and Jack, so SQuire and Louise set up a phone call between the four of them.  The interaction was a huge success and helped the actors better understand how to portray their characters.  

As always in their Godwink stories, SQuire and Louise’s goal is help people recognize that God is actively, lovingly involved in their lives.  The program premieres on Friday, 11/17/19 on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel at 9pm ET.  

While writing his first book, When God Winks, SQuire found himself asking, “If there’s no coincidence to coincidence, what do you call it?”  He and Louise talked and prayed about it for weeks. “One day the new little word floated into my consciousness ⎯ ‘Godwink’ ⎯ it was fun and friendly like ‘Godsend’ or ‘Godspeed’”, he says.  He substituted “Godwink” for every use of the term “coincidence” in his manuscript and it worked. “Out of seven billion people on the planet, a Godwink is a direct, person-to-person message of hope and encouragement,” SQuire explains, “and Godwinks happen to everyone. They are extraordinary things that have happened to you; things you perhaps wondered about and maybe even dismissed as too unbelievable to believe. When you develop the ability to see the Godwinks that are unfolding in your life, your entire existence becomes infinitely richer, happier, and more certain.”

Today the word “Godwink” is showing up in dictionaries, news stories, and is in the fifth season of a regular segment on NBC Today. In one dictionary, “Godwink” is defined as: “a coincidence that is not coincidence but instead originates from a divine source.” SQuire and Louise believe the more you acknowledge God as the source of your Godwinks, the more you will see them. They believe that every Godwink is a gift, “A beautifully wrapped package left on your doorstep, just for you. Our aim is to inspire you to open the door and open your gift.”  In Godwink Christmas Stories paperback edition, SQuire and Louise share 21 new and ten classic true stories of “Godwinks” at Christmastime that demonstrate how God has shown Himself in the lives of others.

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