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Healthy Retirement Years Include Healthy Finances

Cheryl Wilcox - 700 Club Producer
John Martin - 700 Club Producer

Every afternoon, CBN partners Richard and Debbie Sodders exercise. It’s part of their new routine to improve their health in their retirement years. 

“I can walk two to three miles. I feel 100% better. It's just remarkable.” 

“We eat a lot of organic foods, mostly every day.” 

In addition to exercising and eating right, Richard and Debbie say the most important part of healthy lifestyle is giving 

I think that God blesses those who bless Him and by giving you’re sowing the seed, especially at The 700 Club for all over the world and that’s a blessing not only to us, but also to others.” 

That’s a big reason why they partner with CBN. 

“We need to help other people that’s not near as fortunate as what we are.” 

“I love Operation Blessing. I love when the doctors go and do all of the cleft lip surgeries for these small children who would not have a chance and were made fun of and even ostracized from their communities. That changed their life as well. When they go to communities like in Guatemala and actually drill a well so people have fresh water and don’t have to walk a mile for fresh water. I love the fact that I can say, ‘I’m part of this.’” 

In 2016, after praying about it, the Sodders increased their giving to CBN. 

“It just made us feel so good that we are giving more to CBN which, in turn, they help out so many people around the world.” 

Richard and Debbie say they’re spending their golden years getting healthy. And because of CBN, they’re helping others do the same. 

“We had a lifestyle change. It’s not just for the good of us, it’s for the good of everybody.” 

“It is just amazing. They don’t help just here in the United States, they are worldwide. And they do bless everyone they come in contact with. And I just would encourage others to join The 700 Club.”

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