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Newlywed's Financial Headache

Dory Nissen - 700 Club Producer

It takes just a few minutes with Austin and Samantha to realize they love volunteering at Pillar Church in Oceanside, California. Austin is a U.S. Marine. Sam feels he balances responsibilities at work and church extremely well.

Sam says, “I’m proud to see the work that he does for the Marine Corps but then, it also makes me proud to see what he does with Pillar and with the children.”

As newlyweds, the couple has been on a strict budget.  Their first apartment didn’t have much furniture, but they decided to put off buying any until Sam got a job at Austin’s new assignment at Camp Pendleton.

Austin says, “We’ll be able to manage. Things may be tight for a little while but, we should be okay.”

Their enthusiasm waned when Sam didn’t land a job as quickly as expected.  They started dipping into what little savings they had to get by.

Sam explains, “It was a little bit stressful seeing my money kind of disappear. Even though knowing we’re supposed to give it all to God and let it go, it was hard not to.”

Pillar Church asked CBN's Helping the Home Front to step in. Pastor Trace invited the couple over to tell them CBN was paying for three months of car payments and rent to relieve some pressure.

Pastor Trace said, “Ninety days, no car payment, no rent payment!  All that going to what you guys need to get you taken care of and established.  Going into your lives together in the right way.”

Pastor Trace also told them CBN was buying them new furniture and Ashley Furniture store was donating some too.

Pastor Trace said, “They are going to actually donate an entire newlywed bedroom suite.  Furniture for your entire room, bed, dressers, everything.”

The couple headed to Ashley Furniture to buy what they needed for their home and pick out a bedroom set that Ashley’s donated. Soon Sam landed a job working in retail relieving their financial pressure.

Austin says, “God has been faithful and through CBN and Pillar and I’m just overwhelmed.”

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